WR Boyko’s dedication to football

Ben Boyko finished the 2016 season hauling in 31 passes good for 404 yards and 3 touchdowns. As a punt return specialist, Ben earned 190 yards on 17 punt returns and one touchdown. In 2014 with the St. Paul’s Crusaders, the young wide out gained 382 yards through the air on 27 receptions, had two kickoff returns for touchdowns and 3 punts returned to the house. Ben racked up 392 yards on 21 kickoffs and 171 punt return yards on 11 punt returns in 2014.

Oak Park’s big play receiver has a few different reasons why he enjoys his position, he mentioned, “Everything! The challenge, the speed, agility and thrill of making the catch.”

Ben has had the privilege of modeling his game after his father, whom played professional football. “He played professionally and has taught how effort, determination and passion can help me continue to progress as an athlete and human being,” explained Boyko.

At this time Ben has been contacted by Queen’s, and he is actively promoting his playing abilities through HUDL. “I also play for a program called Recruit Ready throughout the winter season. The program runs indoors four days per week and also takes teams to several 7v7 tournaments in the US throughout the off-season for the purpose of gaining exposure to College Recruits,” said Boyko.

Ben’s top three schools of choice are the University of Manitoba, Queen’s University, and McGill University. Ben replied, “I am looking for an excellent football program combined with excellent academics so that I may study to obtain a degree in one of either Law or Journalism as well as continue to play football.”

The young playmaker thinks he will be able to adjust to the next level of football well. “I am a hard worker and recognize that nothing comes easy,” commented Boyko.  “Being passionate about something requires dedication and work and I am confident in my passion and work ethic.”

This off-season Ben is going to continue to work on his speed and agility, as well as weight train to improve his strength. He will also continue practicing with his Recruit Ready 7v7 team in order to continue to improve in his position as a receiver.

Football has meant everything to Ben, and he’s been playing his entire life.

Ben has learnt a very important life lesson from his time on the gridiron, he responded, “That nothing worth having comes without work and effort.”

Ben Boyko
Wide Receiver, Slot back, Punt Returner
5’11, 170 lbs

Teams: Charleswood Broncos (MMFA). St. Paul’s Crusaders (WHSFL), Oak Park Raiders (WHSFL)
Commitment: none
Official Visits: none
Considerations: University of Manitoba, Queen’s University and McGill University, open
Class: 2018

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