WR Logan McNamee Is Hoping For Continued Success

From a young age, Logan McNamee fell in love with the game of football.


“I was about 9 years old, my older brother was playing local football and my father was coaching, so I gave it a shot and never looked back. Football means the world to me, it has helped shape me into the person I am today.”


A summer 2018 Canada Cup representative for New Brunswick, the 6’2”, 185 lbs receiver hopes that going into his Grade 11 season at Saint John High School, he can help the team bounce back.


“I am looking forward to…my Grade 11 season because I am friends with some of the grads who are leaders of the team and they deserve a season better than previous ones our school has had.”


When asked about his favourite part of being a WR, McNamee explains “For me, as a receiver, I like getting to carry and catch the ball and also getting to be rough with the guy in front of you and fight every play. It’s not all glory, it requires some dirty work and I enjoy that in particular about playing receiver.”


After attending the past CFC100 combine, Mcnamee stated that though he thought he did a good job, he still has things to work on in order to get ranked.


“…Stemming DB’s better on my routes. Fighting for the ball in the air is something else I can excel in, and I think getting more explosive is a big thing for me to work on as a big receiver.”


Relating to that ‘explosiveness’, McNamee has been going to the gym four nights a week and improving his cardio in order to attain that needed trait.


Mcnamee looks to excel this season in order to continue playing the game he and his family love. He hopes the hard work he is putting into it pays off.


“I like to work hard and compete not only when people are watching. I believe if you only work hard when people are watching, you won’t be successful long-term.”


Name: Logan McNamee

Number: 15

Height/Weight: 6’2”, 185 lbs

Position: Wide Receiver

Team: Saint John High School Greyhounds

Class: 2020

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