WR Underhill is a matchup nightmare for defenders

Standing at an imposing 6-foot-5 inches, Jack Underhill is the prototypical modern receiver. With his ability to catch the ball at its highest point, and create physical mismatches against opposing DBs, Underhill is the type of weapon that every quarterback wants in their arsenal.

Underhill just completed his final season of high school football for the J.L. Ilsley Judges of the NSSAFFL. Competing in the toughest division in the province, Underhill was a major part of the team’s offensive success this year with his big-play ability on the outside.

Having just been voted a 2nd-team All-Star for the second consecutive season, Underhill has shown consistency in his play during his time with the Judges. Underhill has also suited up for the Halifax Argos minor football program, where he helped the team win a league championship last season.

Underhill’s love for the game of football began when he first strapped on the pads and started playing just a few years ago. A true testament to the brotherhood that develops among teammates, Underhill’s reason for picking up the sport to begin with is also one of the reasons he continues to loves the game today.

“I started playing football in high school because it’s something my friends were doing,” Underhill said. “I quickly came to love football. I have made lots of friends along the way and it’s been a great three years of football. I love the feeling after a great team win.”


Playing perhaps the ultimate one-on-one position in the game, Underhill relishes the unique challenges and opportunities that come along with playing wide receiver. Never the one to shy away from the big moment, Underhill is more than comfortable being a team’s go-to option when they need him the most.

“The thing I love most about playing wide out is making big plays when the team needs it,” Underhill said. “I love going up for the ball and making that big catch that gets our team and the drive going.”

While Underhill is his own man and does not emulate his game after any specific pro player, he has drawn some comparisons to one of the biggest mismatches in recent football history.

“I don’t really model my game after anyone,” offered Underhill. “But my coaches like to think I play similarly to Calvin Johnson.”

Preparing for the next level is something Underhill does not take lightly, and he welcomes the challenges and obstacles that make the road to the top a difficult one. Confident in his on-field ability, Underhill knows he has the raw tools to overcome these challenges.

“I think I have what it takes to play at the next level,” Underhill said. “It may take some adjustments and improvements but I’m excited and ready for the challenges ahead.”

Recognizing that there are more skills needed to become a complete receiver, Underhill is looking to maximize his potential this off-season by continuing to work on developing other aspects of his game that will compliment his ability to come down with the tough catch.

“I’m focusing on improving getting yards after contact and my speed,” Underhill said. “If I can improve those attributes, I will have much more success on the field.”

The recruitment process is just getting started for Underhill, and whether he ends up continuing his football journey at the next level or not, his academic plans remain a major priority for him.

“I plan on going to university,” Underhill said. “I’m not sure where yet but that will soon be decided. I’m not sure if I’ll play football after high school, but if I were to get offers I would definitely consider them.”

“The recruitment process has been interesting so far,” Underhill added. “No official visits but there’s been some interest.”


Along with his love for making the big play on game-day, the things that drive Underhill in his life and on the field, are the personal influences around him that have helped him pursue his goals. The talented wide receiver knows that he simply wouldn’t be where is without these key figures in his life.

“The most influential people in my life have to be my family,” Underhill said. “No matter what happens, they’re there to support me and help me if need be.”

“In terms of football, the most influential people have been my coaches Tyler LeBlanc and Kevin LeBlanc. Without them I wouldn’t be the person and player I am today.”

Reflecting football’s ability to push young men to reach their full potential, Underhill is thankful for what the game has given him over these past few years. Regardless of where his football journey brings him next, Underhill knows that he will take some key lessons away from his time spent working hard on the gridiron.

“Without football I wouldn’t be who I am today,” offered Underhill. “Football has taught me to take chances. I was unsure if I wanted to play football, but I took a chance and it’s changed my life for the better.”

Jack Underhill
6’5”, 170 lbs

Teams: J.L. Ilsley Judges (NSSAFFL), Halifax Argos (Minor)
Commitment: None
Official Visits: None
Considerations: Open
Class: 2017

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