WR/DE Lobban has the “itch” to continue playing

#24 Cam’ron Lobban

After 6 years of football, Cam’ron Lobban has the “itch” to continue playing football. “I would love to continue playing football at the next level and intend to study electrical engineering.” he says.

the 6’3, 195lbs defensive end/wide receiver responds two ways when describing what he likes about each position. “Defensive End is fun to me because every play I have to go up against someone physically to get to my goal. At wide receiver it becomes more of a mental game almost like chest. It becomes a game of how will my opponent react when I do a certain thing, how should I react to that.”

When asked who he models his game after he easily states Victor Cruz and Jason Pierre Paul. “Victor Cruz is my all-time favourite receiver. I want to be as nimble and sure handed as he is. Jason Pierre Paul is just a tank at defensive end and I want to play with his ferocity. “ he says and adds that in order to be like his role models, he will have to be dedicated to his training. He intends to spend his off-season weight training and conditioning to help him achieve his goals.

Cam’ron credits his parents and coaches as the most influential people in his life. “My parents and coaches are the most influential people in my life because they are the people always pushing me to do better, even if I think I can’t or that it’s not for me or even if I’m not willing to try.” he says. Those are the kind of people we all want and need in our corner.

“Football is more than a game. It’s a chance to build a second family that last a lifetime. Football allows me to push myself to the limit and reach heights I never thought I could.” finishes Cam’ron.


Cam’ron Lobban
Wide Receiver/Defensive End
6’3, 195 lbs

Teams: Brampton Bulldogs, St. Marguerite d’Youville Panthers, Rick Hansen Hurricanes, W.J. Mouat Hawks
Official Visits: none
Commitment: none
Considerations: Open
Class: 2017

(photos obtained by C. Lobban Facebook)




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