WR/OLB Huziak has plenty of options with dual citizenship

Sean Huziak performed at a high level for the Fort Frances Muskies in 2016 at a variety of positions on the football field. Sean suited up as a wide receiver, was the second string running back, played outside linebacker and was the punter for the Muskies.

Hitting gives me a thrill and playing outside linebacker gives me plenty of opportunities to tackle,” replied Sean.

The young standout believes that his natural athleticism and never give up mentality gives him an edge over others.

Sean just participated in his first season of football, and it was an eye opener, Sean explained,My freshman year was a learning experience both athletically and academically. I had zero football experience before this year and also had no clue how hard it would be to get good grades while participating in Football, Basketball, and Track and Field.” Next year Sean will improve his game and contribute substantially to the success of his team. Sean also wants to maintain an average of 90% or higher in his courses.

At this moment Sean hasn’t committed to any schools, and he’s uncertain what his future might bring. “As a freshman, I have a few years to decide,” said Sean. “Being a duel (Canadian/United States) citizen, American schools are definitely in the picture.”

Once he’s made it to the next level of football, Sean thinks he will be fine because he adapts well to challenge and change.

This off-season, Sean plans to get in the weight room and gain a few pounds. His goal is to become stronger, faster, and more agile. Sean added,I also am going to watch more football to improve my understanding of the game and my football IQ.”

Sean’s parents and coaches and been very influential towards him in his life and athletics. All of Sean’s coaches are extremely supportive and point him in the right direction from a training perspective. Sean appreciates the support, guidance, and encouragement from his parents.

Football gives Sean a chance to play harder and test his physical and mental abilities like no other sport. Despite his teams’ disappointing performance last season, Sean really enjoyed playing the game.

Going 0-7 last year was a very memorable football experience,” responded Sean. Whenever Sean is feeling lazy or not wanting to train, he remembers what happened last year and the bitterness gets him to train harder than ever because he hates losing.

Next season, Sean hopes to be a better, smarter overall athlete and become a better leader.

After his one season of football, Sean has learned to make smart decisions under pressure. Sean believes this makes him a better decision maker.

In 2016, Sean recovered three of his own punts for the Fort Frances Muskies.

Sean Huziak
Wide receiver, running back, linebacker (outside), punter
6’0, 165 lbs

Teams: Fort Frances Muskies (WHSFL)
Official Visits:
Class: 2020

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