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Heather Ahrling Green part of exciting 2014 rookie class for Halifax Xplosion

As the Halifax Xplosion continue to work towards becoming a championship team in the Maritime Women’s Football League, a key aspect in their future involves recruiting. Heading into 2014, the Xplosion have enjoyed the contributions of a promising rookie crop.

One of the rookies leading the way is Heather Ahrling Green. Approaching her inaugural MWFL campaign with a lifelong love of the game, the opportunity to actually don the helmet and shoulder pads has proven to be an empowering experience.

“I have always been a huge, huge football fan – but never really considered playing it myself because it was not ever an option where I grew up. When I found the Xplosion in Halifax, it piqued my interest. Then I went to my first practice and was super hooked.”

Regardless of the level of football, all rookies want to feel a sense of belonging. While there may be initial feelings of doubt to fit in and gain the respect of the elder members of the roster, there are some veterans that rookies may feel gravitating towards. While Green applauds those individuals who shared their time, wisdom or patience, there was one individual that she recognized in helping her adjust to MWFL play.

“All the veterans were really great to learn from, but the standout, I would say, is probably Natasha McMaster. She definitely helped me out the most in terms of adjusting to the sport. It is pretty intimidating walking into a group of girls that tackle each other on the regular. Yet, she was always sure to make me feel comfortable.”

Despite a winless regular season for the Xplosion, it was still a season filled with positive learning experiences for Green. One particular moment during the MWFL Jamboree in early May would provide her with more than just one of her season highlights, but the chance to build her confidence. In reflecting on one of her favorite moments, it was one that would validate her efforts, proving that she belonged in the sport.

“Probably a hit (that) I got at the jamboree early in the season. I was instructed to just go in and crack the defensive end. It was my first solid hit that got someone off their feet and totally sold me on the sport.”

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Photo credit: Jason Quackenbush

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