4D Replay has been Used in a Recent Canadian Football Game

4DReplay are taking the world by storm. They are a video technology partner and their tech has been used in a recent Canadian football game. The multi-angle replay solution is able to use 100 special cameras which transmit highlight videos in real-time. Viewers can easily feel and experience the liveliness of the game and the stadium even if they were not there at all. It’s remarkable to see how far technology has come and it’s also great to see some of the more dramatic moments of a game from various angles too. The great thing about this solution is that it can capture both the sweat and the tears of the players, and it also means that people at home can get up close and personal with the action.

An Immersive Experience

The great thing about tech like this is that it is able to give a truly immersive experience. That being said, it would seem that other industries have been doing this for quite some time. Take the casino industry for example, they have been hosting live poker games and creating interactive experiences for fans for years now. This is why the casino online industry has been experiencing so much success because it is giving the fans what they want. Now it’s safe to say that Canadian football is following this trend, by adopting the 4D Replay technology so that fans can get up close and personal.

TV Broadcasting across the World

Since the tech hit the market in the year 2016, they have gained a global amount of recognition. The tech is being used to broadcast major sporting events for fans across the world. This includes for the MLB, the NBA and the UFC. This just goes to show that it’s not just the Canadian football league that is taking advantage of this.  4D Replay is a solution that is based in Silicon Valley and it’s a time and slice solution. It’s also being applied to movies and music videos, giving everything a much fresher sense of realism. These solutions could easily help fans to see thrilling moments up close and this is going to really help people who follow the Canadian football league to have a much more immersive experience.

The League

Of course, if you are a fan of Canadian football, then you will know how important it is to capture those moments as they happen. There is nothing like watching a slow-motion replay of an insane throw, or even a good catch. The best thing about this new 4D tech is that it helps to ensure that those moments are perfectly translated to your screen at home. It also means that as a fan, you are not going to be missing one part of the action. Millions has been pumped into the tech so far but as it is reaching global acclaim, it wouldn’t be surprising to see even more investors joining the tech movement that this release has created. This tech may improve even more, taking sports viewership to even greater levels.

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