800 U Sports commits and counting, a record high?

Since 2010, CFC has been tracking and writing about all U Sports (formerly CIS) commits. We reported 710 commits in that inaugural season. On Thursday, May 24, we reported 800 commits for the 2018 recruiting class. But is that the most we’ve ever reported on?

For the 2015 season, there was a total of 904 commits that we reported on. Here’s the breakdown of that season by conference;

AUS [4 teams] – 149 commits
37.25 per team
RSEQ [6 teams] – 213 commits
35.5 per team
OUA [11 teams] – 350 commits
30.7 per team
Canada West [6 teams]– 190 commits
31.0 per team

TOTAL – 904 commits (as of Sept. 1)
32.9 per team

How does that compare to the 2018 recruiting class so far?

AUS [5 teams] – 98 commits
19.6 per team
RSEQ [5 teams] – 134 commits
26.8per team
OUA [11 teams] – 377 commits
34.3 per team
Canada West [6 teams]– 191 commits
31.8 per team

TOTAL – 800 commits (as of May 24)
29.6 per team

It is interesting to see that while the OUA and Canada West seem to be trending similarly as they were three years ago, the AUS and RSEQ see big differences in their commit numbers. You must take into consideration the fact that the AUS gained a team, the Bishop’s Gaiters, from the RSEQ, but that fact didn’t seem to boost the amount of commits going to the East coast.

The added awareness of recruits going down south for a post graduate year, as well as more top end recruits leaving Canada for the U.S. to play their collegial ball, also will have an impact on the trends in the future. CFC has found that more recruits, however, are letting us know where they are going, U Sport coaches have had good communication with our commits writers, and social media has exploded in the past couple of years, making our job a bit easier to learn who is going where.

There is still three full months to go before CFC flips the switch on Sept. 1 to the new 2019 recruiting season. It will be interesting to see if we surpass the 2015 season.

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