ATH Plumadore wants the ball in his hands

Nicholas Plumadore started playing football two years ago and has thrived in whatever position his coach has thrown him in. Playing for the Cornwall Wildcats in the NCAFA, Nicholas will be playing slot back full-time starting next season.

In his first ever season of football, Nicholas was announced as his team’s Most Valuable Player for the Spring League. To top that off, he was chosen as the MVP of the league in his second year. Not a bad start to a young career. Was also selected for the Fox 40 Prospect Challenge in Ontario this summer.

Being in the graduating class of 2024, Plumadore has a long road ahead of him and wants to continue making strides and being a team player. “Being able to help other players on my team, whether that is getting touchdowns or use my agility downfield to get open.”

When asked about switching to slotback full time, the young Cornwall native said, “What I like about my new position is that I get the ball more often and I can use my speed to get a lot of touchdowns and I feel I have good play recognition.

Testing himself is what the young Plumadore is all about. “My oldest brother started playing for the Cornwall Wildcats Bantam team and I was playing soccer at the time. Although I was excelling at soccer, it never felt challenging enough for me and I wanted to follow in my brother footsteps. I feel I have made the right decision so far.”

When asked about who has a big impact on his football life, Nicholas said. “All the coaches I have met so far because they are always finding out new ways to push myself to the limit also my parents for always driving me and always cheering my team on!”

Having the right people teaching our youth, especially in the early years of football, can really impact how a player continues to grow and succeed.

The graduate of 2024 still has many years of football to go but with the skill set and heart shown at such a young age, the sky’s the limit for Nicholas Plumadore.

Nicholas Plumadore
Height/Weight: 4’6, 69 lbs
Position: Slotback
Team: Cornwall Wildcats
Class: 2024





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