Calgary Rage members share their love of the game

The one common thread that runs through the roster of the Calgary Rage is a love of the game. In helping to shape the squad’s culture, the love of the game weaves a unique tapestry that encompasses special experiences and a desire to get the chance to compete.

Susan Childress can cite her love of the game as a life long experience. Named to the Reserve roster for Canada’s contingent at the 2013 Women’s Tackle Football World Championships, the interest in football started in childhood.

“I have loved football since the age of 7 when I watched my first Pittsburgh Steelers game (they are still my team). From there I was a tomboy, so always in the field or at school playing all sports, mostly basketball.”

Once Childress had the opportunity to participate in the game, it encompassed a big part of her life. She would enjoy the game at all levels, while her brother would also play professionally.

“In high school came the chance to play “powder puff” football and from there I never looked back. I was on the Rockies women’s tackle team and was there in the beginning when Edmonton and Winnipeg got up and running.”

“After that I continued playing in the CTFL (Calgary Touch Football League), refereeing in the Calgary Men’s Flag Football League, officiating Youth Nationals for Football Canada, and winning gold for Team Canada at the 2010 World Flag Football Championships in Ottawa. Football, Football, Football (laughs). My brother played in high school, college, and the CFL as well so I have always been around football.”

With her football roots having emanated in Quebec, Annie Tremblay has continued her passion for the game in Western Canada. Having been named to the Canadian National Team, Tremblay is hoping her love of the game translates into golden glory. “I started playing flag football in Québec (after high school) for a good 8 years. As I moved to Western Canada, I joined the Calgary women’s touch football league.”

“I played (during) four summers before I was called by the Calgary Rage coach; they were looking at a new QB. I did accept the challenge and that’s how my love for tackle football was born. Playing in my third season now, I am always learning and enjoying the game more than ever!!”

Among many two-sport stars in the WWCFL, Kait DiNunzio is also a competitive body builder. The opportunity to compete on the gridiron has resulted in a personal and athletic development that has yielded great results.

“As a result of my upbringing, I’m naturally assertive (or as some would suggest, aggressive) so football was a natural choice. It was also a great opportunity to maintain a good level of activity and fitness. It was also a sport that I knew would challenge me both mentally and physically. Up until football, I’d never played an organized sport before. I was what I consider to be a lone wolf athlete.”

Of note, DiNunzio is also an articulate and highly educated individual. With certifications in project management and conflict resolution, her maturity and acumen are essential in forging strong team building. The remarkable renaissance in her athletic endeavors makes her a strong leader.

“I have a fairly strong feeling for the “right” and don’t tend to shy away from conflict or difficult conversations – it is part of being a linebacker, you know, that whole “walk toward the roar” type of attitude. My skill set certainly translates well into trying to contribute to quality interactions with my teammates and my league-level relationships.

The wonderful mosaic of the Rage is also composed by the presence of many players that juggle career, athletics and family. With so many women in the WWCFL also tackling the role of motherhood, it creates strong relationships built on patience, respect and devotion.

Connie Fekete is one of several mothers that suits up for the Rage. As a proud mother of three children, she brings high energy and enthusiasm to a Rage squad looking to win its first ever WWCFL title. A great point of pride for her is to know that her biggest fans are her children cheering for her in the stands.

“Having my children come watch me play makes me extremely happy. I always want them to be proud of what their mom does. Just like any child likes to do well in front of their parents, I love it when my kids can see me do well on the field!”

“I have a son and two daughters, and it’s especially meaningful for me to show my girls that there is a place for them in sports. I would love for them to have the opportunity to be able to play in an all female football league when they get a little older. Playing with the Rage is my way of starting to build that league.”

“All quotes obtained first hand unless otherwise indicated”

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