Calm under pressure

Ontario Prospect Challenge follow-up profile: Ryan Astrom


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Position: QB
Height/Weight: 5’11”, 175 Ibs
Teams: Crestwood Mustangs
Commitment: N/A
Official Visits: N/A
Consideration: N/A

Playing quarterback places a player in one of the most unique positions in sports. You are looked upon to be the team’s leader, best player, unquestionably calm under pressure. The difference between a march down the field and a crushing turnover is placed in your fingertips, each and every time your team has possession.

Beyond seeing the game in a different way than your peers, you’re also expected to be the consummate teammate.

The best quarterbacks are team players, striving to make those around them better.

That’s exactly what young quarterback Ryan Astrom tries to do.

Like every elite young athlete, Astrom is dedicating his summer to working out, studying the game and doing everything he can to improve as a player.

“During the offseason I have been working to improve my footwork, understanding of the game and to help me become the best player I can be,” Astrom noted.

Exceeding his desire to improve as an individual appears to be his motivation to helps his teammates.

“I am going to do what I can to help my teammates take their game to the next level,” he said, adding that he wants nothing more than to bring his teammates to a championship after falling just short last year.

If he’s going to win that championship, he’ll have to build on the things he learned as one of the youngest players in the “Junior Varsity” class at this year’s Ontario Prospect Challenge (OPC).

A grade 9 amongst a group of predominantly grade 10 students, Astrom is thankful for the opportunity he had to learn from those around him at the OPC, finding his role along the way.

While Astrom credits the coaches for the great experience, he suggests the opportunity to really challenge himself may have been more rewarding.

“I learned that even though I was the youngest QB on the team, I was still able to compete with the older guys and earn myself the start in the OPC game,” he said, citing a strong arm and the benefit of good size for his age as advantageous, likening himself to a quarterback who likes to use his size and speed to move in (or out) of the pocket like Carolina Panthers’ Cam Newton.

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