Canada’s best part II: Is Laval’s dominance bad for the CIS?

CFC continues its two part exclusive series on Laval Rouge et Or’s dominance in the CIS. In this final part, the issue surrounding whether this dominance of Laval is a bad thing for the CIS.  Saint Mary’s Huskies head coach Perry Marchese and Yahoo Sports Andrew Bucholz will give their insight on the topic.


2012 – Laval 37, McMaster 14, Toronto

2011-McMaster 41, Laval 38 2OT, Vancouver

2010-Laval 29, Calgary 2, Quebec City

2008-Laval 44, Western 21, Hamilton

2006-Laval 13, Saskatchewan 8, Saskatoon

2004-Laval 7, Saskatchewan 1, Hamilton

2003-Laval 14, Saint Mary’s 7, Toronto

1999-Laval 14, Saint Mary’s 10, Toronto

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  1. Laval will continue to dominate for years to come

  2. Avatar BertBenjamin says:

    Laval’s dominance is certainly a problem, and first of all, it is a
    problem for the RSEQ. They have won the last ten League championships
    (the Dunsmore), haven’t lost at home over 10 years and the Carabins are
    the only ones of the RSEQ to have beaten them in the last ten years,
    four times at the CEPSUM!

    The dominance has become total because
    year after year, Laval recruits the best players out of the Cegeps
    premier league. Nobody can match what they have to offer. They are the
    toast of their town, which has no professional team, so they offer the
    youngsters a stadium packed with 15 000 fans, daily media coverage, and a
    quasi-certainty to be champions. All-stars Players see the best players
    of the last four years at their position ahead of them on the roster
    and still choose Laval!

    Easy to say: «We just have to beat them,
    and the best players will start to spread their choices instead of all
    flocking to Laval». But how are you going to beat them if they own the
    best players? A miracle? It can happen, but to change the attitude at
    recruiting, you would need a string of miracles!

    I love
    University football and I follow my team (not Laval!) wherever they
    play. But can any league survive with such a dominance? Is there a

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