CFC National Playoff Countdowns & Predictions (MB): “We are thrilled to be playing in this game…it’s created a real buzz”

Today, CFC continues its exclusive coverage of “National Playoff Countdowns & Predictions”.  Some of these teams are currently ranked in the ‘CFC 50‘ high school poll this season.

In this next installment, St. Norbert Celtics Head Coach Adrian Huntley gives his thoughts and outlook to the team’s Andy Currie ‘A’ Division Championship Game against West Kildonan Wolverines in the Winnipeg High School Football League (WHSFL) on Thursday.


While there will be a lot of focus on the John Potter Championship, there is another game that could be just as intriguing yet thrilling.

It is the Andy Currie ‘A’ Championship Game between St. Norbert Celtics and West Kildonan Wolverines.  If their previous matchup very early in the WHSFL season is any indication, Winnipeg fans are in for a treat on Thursday.

Back on September 11st, the Celtics pulled out a 22-15.  The Celtics know it won’t get any easier this second time around against their opponents.

“West Kildonan is a very good team that we’ve battled in previous seasons and earlier this year,” commented Celtics Head Coach Adrian Huntley.  “Last season, both of our teams went undefeated through the regular season until we played each other Week 7.”

“They ended up beating us that game and a few weeks later went on to play in the division finals.  This year, we played them Week 2 of the regular season.  The game was close and hard fought and we managed to come out on top winning 22-15.  I think our teams match up well together with each team having a number of athletes with big play potential and the ability to change a game.”

Connor Forrester

Even though the Celtics have performed well this season, there have been two areas of their game that were exposed by opposing teams this season.  Throughout the season, the team has made strides and hope the Championship is where they will reach their peak.

“Our number one goal is to limit the mistakes on our side and play smart football as a team,” assessed the Celtics Head Coach.  “Whenever we’ve struggled in games this year, it’s been the Celtics beating the Celtics.”

“We lost game one of the regular season that way and it was a real wake-up call for our team.  Since that point, we’ve really focused on getting better each week and playing smart, disciplined football.  We’ve talked all season about playing hard and smart one play at a time and our focus will need to be the same this game.”

Moreover, the Celtics’ focus will be on a core of Wolverines players who they need to contain for them in order to be successful.  Those Wolverines threats include Brayden Coulis, Michael Fyfe, Taylor Ward, Ethan Marks, Simon Sepke, and Austin Benevides.

“They are a very talented team that have a lot of players that could sting you and are all dangerous players,” added Huntley.

Cole Coyston

As for the Celtics, their offense will be led by quarterback Brendan Rosenfelt, running back Matt Cornborough as well as a trio of receivers – Cole Coyston, Cole Burfoot and Make Kalupar.

Defensively, linebackers Gregoire Mivelaz and Luc Marion as well as lineman Austin Sorokowski will anchor the unit.  Furthermore, Connor Forrester and Tyrel l Jones will guide the secondary.

“We’ve had a small roster all season which has really helped us to gel and play well as a team,” said Huntley of the team.  “The chemistry has really been fantastic and there’s no doubt this has helped our level of play.”

With a small roster comes a key disadvantage, lack of depth and the Celtics are no exception.

“The small roster has also hurt us at times though,” evaluated Huntley.  “We just don’t have the depth because of the limited number of players.”

“If we have a player come out of the lineup for any reason, it has the potential to really limit what we can do and really forces us to get creative.”

No matter what the outcome turns out being on Thursday, it has already been a successful year for the Celtics as they have reach feats this season.

“We are thrilled to be playing in this game against West Kildonan and it’s created a real buzz within the school,” expressed Huntley.  “We have only had a football program at St. Norbert Collegiate for six years and up to this point have never made it past the semi-finals.”

“We are also a small high school (approximately 350 students) so making it to this point is a huge step for our program and players.”

PREDICTION: St. Norbert Celtics 23, West Kildonan Wolverines 20

Celtics - St Norbert


2014 RECORD: 6-1

ROAD TO FINAL: defeated College Lorette 33-0 in Semi-Final, defeated Dryden 20-14 in Quarterfinals

HEAD COACH: Adrian Huntley (sixth season)

PLAYERS TO WATCH: Brendan Rosenfelt (quarterback), Matt Cornborough (running back), Cole Coyston (receiver), Cole Burfoot (receiver), Make Kalupar (receiver), Gregoire Mivelaz (linebacker), Luc Marion (linebacker), Connor Forrester (defensive back), Tyrel Jones (defensive back), Austin Sorokowski (defensive line)


1 Connor Forrester
2 Daniel Belisle
4 Tyrel Jones
5 Dylan Klassen
16 Brendan Rosenfelt
20 Gregoire Mivelaz
21 McKinley Molloy
23 Charles Gillen
25 Chris Dick
26 Quintin Madill
27 Zach Brown
28 Parker Mills
31 Mathieu Cornborough
40 Austin Sorokowski
42 Brandon Westra
45 Noah Fehr
50 Matt Harochaw
52 Luc Marion
53 Aaron Martens
58 Gage O’Reilly-Trudel
59 Eric Warkentin
60 Vijay Bhatti
62 Derek Anderson
64 Devon Sharpe-Wiebe
69 Kelly Alarie
80 Kyle Davy
81 Cole Coyston
83 Braden Cummins
85 Cole Burfoot
88 Michael Kalupar

West Kildonan


2014 RECORD: 5-3

ROAD TO FINAL: Defeated Elmwood Giants 8-3 in Semi-Final, defeated Daniel Mac Maroons 25-10 in Quarterfinals

PLAYERS TO WATCH: Brayden Coulis, Michael Fyfe, Taylor Ward, Ethan Marks, Simon Sepke, Austin Benevides



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