#CFC10 CEGEP (coll. div. 1) preview: [6]: Play-off spots are in play this weekend

Will the Cheetahs regroup offensively or will the Géants win BIG! Huge test for the Spartiates and #CFC100 DB Benjamin St-Juste. The Élans are facing #CFC100 Philippe Lemieux-Cardinal and the Phénix in a must win situation, only four games left to classify for the big race!

Grasset DE #5 Philippe Lemieux-Cardinal

Cégep Garneau Élans (2-3) vs vs Collège André-Grasset Phénix (4-1) Without their starting QB, Garneau’s defence needs to be in full swing to keep the Grasset offence off the field. The Phénix offence has scored 186 points, ranked second, and is very efficient at spreading the ball utilising multiple weapons. The Élans offensive front will have to stop the surge of #CFC100 DE Philippe Lemieux-Cardinal, leads the division with 6 sacks, and LB Yacine Audette, is third with 4 sacks and 22.5 total tackles, if they want intend to score some points. The Grasset defence is second in the fewest points allowed and their secondary, led by DB Bruno Lagacé, have accumulated 7 interceptions in 5 games and this unit will prevent a Garneau win.

Champlain QB #12 Thomas Bolduc

Cégep Lévis-Lauzon Faucons (0-5) vs Champlain-Lennoxville Cougars (4-1) With a confident QB, the Cougars and #CFC100 OT Patrick Davis are no match for the Faucons and their defence will struggle in this contest. Lévis-Lauzon is relying on the running game with the push of #CFC100 Philippe Robitaille and RB Joanik Masse, ranked second with 478 yards, but the Cougars defence will dominate this confrontation. Champlain is coming off a decisive win against St-Jean and they are still improving versus the pass on defence. Look for a dominance from the Cougars who will be 5-1 at the end.


Cégep Limoilou Titans (2-3) vs Collège Montmorency Nomades (0-5) Limoilou needs this win to stay in the big race. They had some difficulties on offence last week and Montmorency will surely jump on the occasion to leave the bottom of the pile. The Nomades offence has shown some progress and QB Benjamin Pelletier is playing to his potential, but if Montmorency can get a great performance from their defence, they may have a shot at a victory. If they don’t fumble this one, the Titans will be 3-3 and still be contenders.

CNDF QB #7 David Pelletier

Campus Notre-Dame-de-Foy (4-1) vs Cégep Vieux-Montréal Spartiates (3-2) This could be an interesting game if the Spartiates defence can slow down the Notre-Dame offence led by QB David Pelletier, ranked second in passing with 1482 yards, and manage the clock with their running game. The Notre-Dame defence, ranked third in points against with #CFC100 Samuel Maranda-Brizeau solid up front, dominated the Nomades offence last week and did pretty good in week 4 against the Cougars. The Vieux-Montréal defence, anchored by #CFC100 Julien Le Guéhennec and Pierre-Gabriel Germain will need to be at their peak to keep the Notre-Dame QB under pressure while #CFC100 DB Benjamin St-Juste takes care of WR Vincent Forbes-Mombleau, ranked number 1 with 685 yards. The Notre-Dame crew should end this duel with a win.

Vanier RB #3 Patrick Charles

Vanier College Cheetahs (4-1) vs Cégep Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu Géants (2-3) What a thriller this will be to watch! The Géants are third in scoring and the Cheetahs are first in points against. The Vanier defence had some difficulties stopping the run last week and St-Jean with their pass dominant offence, will clash in this exciting matchup with #CFC100 DB Tyris Lebeau leading the secondary against St-Jean #CFC100 QB Dimitri Morand who leads the division in passing. The Géants might alter their game plan a little and to take advantage of the weakness. The Cheetahs offence will need to upgrade their play to win and RB Patrick Charles could carry the rock a lot. Tough one to predict and the scale should tip to the Vanier side because of their defence.


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