CFC27 update (5): Thunderbirds back in the top 5

The final push for this year’s U Sports recruiting season is in full swing. All U Sports teams are fully up to date with today’s update of the CFC27 U Sports Recruiting Rankings.

There is not too much movement this week in the total rankings or the average per player rankings. The top 5, Calgary, McMaster, British Columbia, Montreal, and Western all remain. The point gap in the overall rankings, though is closing in slightly, but we are still fairly certain that no one will catch the Dinos at this point.

British Columbia, however, pushed out Western from last week’s top 5 in the average per player as they continue to sign solid recruits and have official visits. Coach Nill isn’t finished yet!

For the rest of the list, Guelph continues their recruiting onslaught and increase their overall total rankings and Queen’s also continues to slowly climb up the list in their average per player rankings.

Western officially announced their full recruiting class last week and it is a solid effort on the parts of all the coaches and staff.

We’ll see next week if the slow down continues to happen or if there will be a second wave of action before the East-West game in May.


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*CFC employs a point system based on the recruits declared in the recruiting class on CFC:

  • Schools declare recruits at different times of year (i.e. Quebec schools recruit most in January, higher academic school entries are later, etc) so make sure you equate the amount of recruits with the point system
  • Players are rated based on (a) CFC100 ranking (b) 4-star ranking (c) 3-star ranking (d) all other players get a NR
  • Transfers are NOT allocated points as of 2016-2017 as they would have acquired points in their original class year. They will be listed on the ‘Transfer List’.
  • CFC27 is updated once per week

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