CFC27 Update (7): What’s in the water at Queen’s?

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It’s that time of year again when (CFC) ranks all 27 U Sport program’s recruiting classes. Every week, CFC will be updating total points and average points per player. All U Sport teams are fully up to date with the U Sport Commits page.

Sounding like a broken record, Laval and Montreal maintain the top 2 spots in total points and average points per player. The Alberta Golden Bears added more commits to their class this past week, pushing them up to 43 commits in total and 725 points. This doesn’t necessarily mean that more is better as they don’t make the top 5 for average points per player. When you look at the total list, you can see where Alberta lies in this category and it may surprise you.

The University of Regina is No. 4 in total points this week with 29 commits and 708 points total and McMaster is No. 5 with 26 commits and 600 total points.

With six CFC100s on board, the Saskatchewan Huskies are No. 3 in average points per player at 33.23. Queen’s is hot on their tale with seven CFC100s and a few other highly touted recruits. This brings their score to 30.35 points per player on average. Manitoba stays No. 5 with 29.8 points per player on average and 5 CFC100s.

*note: Because this is a ‘live’ list, the below ranking may not reflect the description above due to the week to week change.

Click here for U Sports Commits Class of 2019

Click here for CFC100/CFC60 player class RANKINGS


# # Team Commits CFC 100/60 Total

# # Team Commits CFC 100/60 Total Points Avg / Player

Teams are ranked by two different categories: (1) TOTAL POINTS and; (2) AVERAGE PER PLAYER

CFC employs a point system based on the recruits declared in the recruiting class on CFC:

  • Players are rated based on (a) CFC100/60 rankings (b) 4-star ranking (c) 3-star ranking (d) NR
  • POINTS NOT ALLOCATED to (a) Transfersthey would have acquired points in their original class year; (b) International commits who ONLY played outside of Canada prior to U Sports commitment
  • CFC27 is updated approximately once per week (there can be a lag of a few days behind the U Sports commit list)
  • Teams are not ranked until they have a minimum of 5 players on their commit list

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