CFC50 2018 high school RANKINGS (7): No lead is safe!

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No. 1 St. Thomas More Knights (5-0, 0-1) – With their latest beat down, 42-0, over Cathedral, STM remains undefeated at 5-0 with 208 points for and only 16 points against in the Hamilton Catholic league. The week before it was 64-0, then 49-0. Cardinal Newman and Bishop Tonnos have been the only teams to put up a few points against them, but still did not prevail. Once again, it will be the OFSAA Bowl that determines the Knights fate. STM now heads into a bye and will play Bishop Ryan for their last regular season game before playoffs start.

No. 2 Harry Ainlay Titans (5-0, 2-0) – The Titans prevailed in this tough matchup against No. 25, the Salisbury Sabres, 26-10. The Sabres actually did have the lead, 10-9, in the third quarter, but the Titans were the victors this day. The weather was not the most ideal as it was a snow storm and that limited both team’s offenses. Hats off to the Sabres for keeping the game close and making the Titans work for their win. Ainlay will play Austin O’Brien next.

No. 3 Saint-Jean-Eudes Condors (7-0) – The Condors easily won their latest matchup, 43-0, against Roger-Comtois and will have another easy one against Triolet this week. Going into this last regular season game, they have put up 235 points and only 41 points against. The Bol d’Or will be their only challenge coming up…and we all know who that involves…brrrr!

No. 4 Catholic Central Crusaders (3-0, 1-1) – The Crusaders shut out Regina Mundi, 49-0, this past weekend and keep their record unblemished. They have only allowed 3 points against them this whole season. Offensively they have only put up 73 (according to the league page, but that may need to be updated). They will face Holy Cross on Thursday and then St. Joseph’s the week before they start the playoff run.

No. 5 W.F. Herman Green Griffins (4-0) – The green machine rolls out another skunker, 42-0, against Massey this past weekend. They only have Sandwich and Belle River left on their schedule before their playoff march begins. Keeping it real with only 12 points against, Herman’s defense is strong and their offense is on top of things with 147 points for.

No. 6 Séminaire Saint-François Blizzard (5-1) – Speaking about a freeze, the blizzard wasted no time getting back to their winning ways with their recent victory, 44-28, against Charles-Lemoyne. With 200 points for and 67 against, they are sitting pretty good going into their next game against College Jean-Eudes. They will have one more after that, Cure-Antoine-Labelle, before playoffs start for them.

No. 7 A.B Lucas Vikings (4-0, 2-0) – Another strong performance by the Vikings with their 42-7 win over East Elgin. They remain undefeated in the TVDSB Williamson division, along with Banting, and Clarke Road in the other two divisions. Lucas has one more regular season game against Medway before they start their playoff run.

No. 8 Leboldus Golden Suns (6-0, 0-1) – The sun keep shining, but the clouds threatened to kill the party with their tight 46-41 squeaker over Riffel. They will have one more regular season game against O’Neill on Friday.

No. 9 Notre Dame Pride CGY (5-0, 0-1) – Over at McMahon Stadium in Calgary, the Pride managed to unseat the former No. 4, St. Francis Browns in a traditional rivalry game that keeps on giving. Large, loud, and intense crowds made for an electric atmosphere – and what better way to head into your bye week then with a terrific win, 14-10, over your arch nemesis. The Pride will return to play Bishop O’Byrne on the 25th.

No. 10 Lord Tweedsmuir Panthers (3-0, 1-1) – The Panthers just barely kept their undefeated record alive as they faced the Kelowna Owls this past week with a final score of 21-20. In a game where much of the action happened in the second half, LT hangs on to their top 10 ranked spot on the CFC50. Shout out to head coach of the Owls, Chris Cartwright as he is doing great things with that program. The Panthers will play Mt. Boucherie on Friday, followed by Mission before they start their playoff run in B.C.

CFC50 RANKINGS for Week 7

RK Wk 6 School/Team Mascot City Prov. Conf. Rec. Non-Conf. Rec. LAST RSLT – wk 7
1 1 St. Thomas More Knights Hamilton ON 5-0 0-1 won 42-0 v. Cathedral
2 2 Harry Ainlay Titans Edmonton AB 5-0 2-0 won 26-10 v. Salisbury
3 3 Saint-Jean-Eudes Condors Québec QC 7-0 won 43-0 v. Roger-Comtois
4 5 Catholic Central Crusaders London ON 3-0 2-1 won 49-0 v. Regina Mundi
5 6 W.F. Herman Green Griffins Windsor ON 4-0 won 42-0 v. Vincent Massey
6 7 Séminaire Saint-François Blizzard Quebec QC 5-1 won 44-28 v. Charles-Lemoyne
7 8 A.B Lucas Vikings London ON 4-0 2-0 won 42-7 v. East Elgin
8 9 Leboldus Golden Suns Regina SK 6-0 0-1 won 46-41 v. Riffel
9 20 Notre Dame Pride Calgary AB 5-0 0-1 won 14-10 v. St. Francis
10 10 Lord Tweedsmuir Panthers Surrey BC 4-0 1-1 won 21-20 v. Kelowna
11 11 Vincent Massey Trojans Winnipeg MB 5-0-1 1-0 won 41-0 v. Dryden
12 18 Vancouver College Fighting Irish Vancouver BC 6-0 1-0 won 42-0 v. New Westminster
13 4 St. Francis Browns Calgary AB 2-1 2-0 lost 14-10 v. Notre Dame
14 12 Holy Names Knights Windsor ON 4-1 0-1 won 42-0 v. Catholic Central (Windsor)
15 13 Holy Trinity Titans Oakville ON 4-0-1 won 38-0 v. Jean Vanier
16 14 St. Paul’s Crusaders Winnipeg MB 5-1 won 52-0 v. St. Paul’s (AA)
17 16 Huron Heights Warriors Newmarket ON 3-3 lost 28-14 v. Catholic Central (Ohio) rank 4699
18 15 Cardinal Newman Cardinals Stoney Creek ON 3-1 BYE
19 17 Holy Trinity Titans Courtice ON 4-0 1-0 won 52-0 v. Eastdale
20 19 St. Thomas More Knights Burnaby BC 4-1 1-0 won 21-14 v. Abbotsford (non-conference)
21 21 Notre Dame Jugglers Burnaby BC 4-0 1-1 won 33-13 v. Carson Graham
22 25 Nelson Lords Burlington ON 3-0 2-0 won 45-8 v. M.M Robinson
23 24 Terry Fox Ravens Port Coquitlam BC 4-1 2-0 won 54-0 v. Mt. Boucherie
24 26 London South Lions London ON 3-1 1-0 won 38-22 v. Parkside CI
25 22 Salisbury Sabres Sherwood Park AB 4-1 0-1 lost 26-10 v. Harry Ainlay
26 28 L.C.I. Rams Lethbridge AB 4-0 2-2 won 23-14 v. Cardston
27 27 Jacob Hespeler Hawks Cambridge ON 3-0 0-1 BYE
28 30 St. Marcellinus Spirit Mississauga ON 3-0 0-2 won 10-7 v. St. Roch
29 29 Tantramar Regional Titans Sackville NB 5-0 BYE
30 33 A. N. Myer Marauders Niagara Falls ON 4-0 0-1 won 71-0 v. Grimsby
31 31 Holy Cross Crusaders Saskatoon SK 5-0 BYE
32 34 St. Matthew Tigers Ottawa ON 2-0 0-1 won 25-7 v. St. Joseph
33 38 Notre Dame College Fighting Irish Welland ON 4-0 won 43-0 v. Denis Morris
34 35 Centennial Chargers Saskatoon SK 4-1 BYE
35 44 Miller Marauders Regina SK 4-2 won 49-21 v. Campbell
36 36 Raymond Comets Raymond AB 1-1 1-2 CANCELLED v. Catholic Central
37 32 St. Roch Ravens Brampton ON 1-2 1-0 lost 10-7 v. St. Marcellinus
38 49 College Jean-Eudes Montreal QC 3-3 won 20-2 v. College Notre-Dame
39 39 Citadel Phoenix Halifax NS 6-0 won 48-0 v. Horton
40 40 Curé-Antoine-Labelle Loups Laval QC 4-2 won 38-30 v. Academie Saint-Louis
41 45 Mount Douglas Rams Victoria BC 3-2 won 34-7 v. Seaquam
42 41 Lorne Park Spartans Mississauga ON 1-2 2-1 BYE
43 42 Sir Allan MacNab Lions Hamilton ON 4-0 0-1 BYE
44 43 Arnprior Rapids Arnprior ON 3-0 FORFEIT won 6-0 v. Perth
45 37 College Notre-Dame Montreal QC 3-4 lost 20-2 v. College Jean-Eudes
46 46 Northern Red Knights Toronto ON 3-0 0-1 won 12-9 v. Lawrence Park
47 48 Henry Wise Wood Warriors Calgary AB 3-1 1-0 won 44-14 v. Ernest Manning
48 50 Korah Colts Sault Ste Marie ON 5-0 won 16-13 v. Superior Heights
49 47 College Charles-Lemoyne Longueuil QC 3-3 lost 44-28 v. Séminaire Saint-François
50 NR Mission Roadrunners Mission BC 3-1 0-2 won 42-7 v. Centennial

Who’s getting ranked?

For the ninth year in a row, (CFC) is pleased to bring you the national high school football rankings known as the CFC50.

The CFC50 rankings considers all conference and non-conference games (in Canada and the United States) while scrimmages are not evaluated (there is no such thing as an exhibition game – those are classified as non-conference games) and forfeit* wins are not considered towards overall record.

How is the CFC50 evaluated?

Leagues included in rankings: British Columbia AAA Varsity, Alberta Tier One, Saskatchewan 12-man 4A, Manitoba AAA Varsity, Ontario OFSAA Bowl qualified teams, Quebec Juvenile Division 1, New Brunswick 12-man, Nova Scotia Tier 1.

The CFC50 is a RELATIVE RANKING that considers top tier leagues from all eight high school playing provinces (minimum one team represented from each province) and the strength of the league that they play in. Additional criteria used to determine the relative ranking are the ability to accomplish winning a championship, the impact players and performers on that team (ie. CFC100s, CDN All-Stars etc.), and a team’s coaching and recent tradition.

The CFC Scouting Bureau consists of CFC Reporters, CFC Scouts, and selected local reporters and scouts who submit local ranking results on a weekly basis. The CFC50 is released every Monday (other than on Holidays) at 12 noon.

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