CFL takes ownership of Montreal Alouettes

The Canadian Football League (CFL) has stepped in for the second time in four years as interim owners of the Montreal Alouettes. Following the announcement last week, the operations for the club will continue to function as expected. There isn’t anything to suggest that there are deeper-rooted issues at the Montreal Alouettes.


Given that his contract wasn’t renewed at the end of 2022, Mario Cecchini is handling the business’ daily operations. Now that the CFL has stepped in, he will report directly to the organization during the transition period.


This year’s Grey Cup?


There’s a long way to go until the Grey Cup. The Montreal Alouettes have plenty of time to instil structure and stability into their club. The season hasn’t even begun yet, so if they can use free agency and make a couple of wise additions, they could move forward and look to surprise a few.


They are considered outsiders to lift the trophy in November; however, if they can build effectively during the upcoming free agency, general manager Danny Maciocia might be quietly confident that the Al’s can upset the apple cart this year.


Looking at the bookmaker’s odds for this year’s Grey Cup, the Montreal Alouettes languish behind a few of the stronger teams. The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are favorites, followed by the Calgary Stampeders and BC Lions.


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Working our way down the odds list, you’ll find the Montreal Alouettes at roughly the same odds as last year’s defending Grey Cup champions, the Toronto Argonauts.


Although we wouldn’t look too much into this at the moment, the Argonauts weren’t precisely favourites last year, yet they went on to lift their record 18th title.


Responsible gambling


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The function of the CFL


Unlike the NFL, which is often viewed in global markets and has played games worldwide, the CFL is considered a minor league. The fact that the CFL can step in during times of transition and help clubs manage their workload is a real benefit of the league.


The harsh truth is that it is difficult for the CFL to bring in owners for these clubs, as plenty of the clubs are in areas that aren’t attractive enough for big investors. In addition, although the investment into the next generation has always been strong, the big NFL money is at a different level than the CFL. As a result, the league doesn’t generate enough money for it to be worthwhile for some of the more talented players.


Montreal Alouettes doesn’t necessarily fit into this category. We are talking more broadly about the general state of the league. We don’t mean to disparage any of the players or teams in the CFL as the standard is relatively high, but the truth remains that it can be challenging to find owners for some of these teams.




More Canadians watch the NFL than the CFL. Unfortunately, when this translates into how appealing the teams are within this league, the answer is not very. The harsh reality is that many Canadians prefer watching hockey or the NFL to watching the CFL.


Without the CFL stepping in and overseeing the day-to-day operations of some of these clubs, some would struggle to maintain direction. It wouldn’t jeopardize the league, but the CFL is a robust governing body that places a real emphasis on the wellbeing of CFL teams.


Canadian football is much stronger with the CFL running the ship than teams not being able to manage themselves on every level, whether corporate, managerial or out on the field.


Randy Ambrosie has done an excellent job maintaining the integrity of the CFL, and even though it operates on the fringes of Canadian sports, there’s more than enough interest to ensure that they should continue to step in and help ownerless teams keep themselves afloat for the greater good of the CFL.

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