DB Adamopoulos uses his size to advantage

Photo courtesy of Stephen Adamopoulos

The young defensive back mentioned that his favorite part about playing defensive back is the thrill of playmaking. “The rush you get when making an interception to give the offense the ball back is great,” said Stephen. “It makes you feel like a massive contribution to the team and it’s exciting for everybody.”

At 6’3, Stephen believes that being very tall for a cornerback gives him his edge. Stephen explained, “I have a large wingspan and if I do get beat, my length helps me recover. My height helps me attack the football from all angles and it’s extremely useful when pressing the receiver.”

Stephen has modeled his game after the Minnesota Vikings’ Xavier Rhodes because he is a tall cornerback who uses his size to lock up the opposition’s best wide receiver. Stephen added, “I feel I relate to him, as a large corner that is very aggressive and uses his size.”

After he graduates from St. Paul’s, Stephen plans on taking football as far as possible, either playing university or college is his current goal. In university, Stephen would like to study either Kinesiology or Business, but he is unsure at the moment.

The recruitment process has already begun from Stephen, but it’s still in the early stages. Stephen has sent his film and information to multiple Canada universities, and has created a few relationships with coaches across the country. “I’m looking forward to meeting more coaches and exhibiting my skill set to them at this years Canada Cup in Nova Scotia,” mentioned Stephen.

Stephen’s first choice of school is the University of Manitoba. Stephen said, “Staying at home to play is appealing, but the Bisons program offers much more than that. The excellent coaching alongside the new facilities are great.” Other than the U of M, Stephen doesn’t have any other top choices at this time. “Each university has their own qualities, and I’m still in the process of learning about them,” explained Stephen.

Once he reaches the next level of football, Stephen feels that the difficulty of taking his game to the next level is large, but he would definitely be able to adjust after being surrounded by great competition. Stephen replied, “I feel I’m a very adaptable player and I respond well to adversity.”


Photo courtesy of Stephen Adamopoulos

Stephen’s goals for university football would be to have a breakout season, and prove himself.

To prepare himself for next season with the ‘AAA’ Crusaders, Stephen will continue to partake in Recruit Ready during the summer. He will also continue to go to the gym, and do speed sessions to increase his speed and strength.

Stephen’s parents are the most influential people to him in his life and they support him with everything he does. His parents always push him to be a better football player, student, and person. “My mother and father make sure I’m prepared 100% for everything, especially football,” said Stephen.

Photo courtesy of Stephen Adamopoulos

In football, many coaches on the St. Paul’s coaching staff have influenced Stephen and help him grow as a football player, but most significantly ‘AA’ defensive coordinator coach Mike Watson. Coach Watson has taught Stephen how to be better with positional skill, understanding the mechanics of a defense, and how to read the offense. Stephen said of Watson, “He is by far the greatest coach that I’ve had the honour to be coached by.”

Playing football has been a way for Stephen to stand out. “It’s something that is imprinted in my identity and it’s the thing I take most pride in,” mentioned Stephen. “Football is where I’ve been able to excel, and it’s what makes me happy, I simply love the game.”

The most memorable football experience to date for Stephen was his team’s loss in the semi-finals to Steinbach. This game isn’t the highlight of Stephen’s career, but definitely the most memorable game because it is his motivation. Stephen and the Crusaders lost 8-7 in the semi-finals, and it was a complete heartbreaker for him and his team. Stephen responded, “I’ve learned what failure feels like, and my teammates and I now use that loss as motivation to succeed.”

Football has taught Stephen that nothing come easily. Stephen concluded, “In football, success comes only from hard work and dedication, and that’s like life. Nothing will just come your way. If you want success, you need to work for it.”


Stephen Adamopoulos
Defensive Back, Long Snapper
6’3, 168 lbs

Teams: Crecsentwood Grizzlies (MMFA), St. Paul’s Crusaders (WHSFL)
Commitment: none
Official Visits: none
Considerations: University of Manitoba, open
Class: 2018

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