DB Bashutsky looking to leap into the next level

Bears standout looking for CIS opportunity

From the small town of Wynyard, Saskatchewan where 6-man football is the game of choice, Wynyard Bears Alexei Bashutsky is hoping to translate his skills to the next level.

Alexei Bashutsky

Defensive back

5’11, 165 lbs

Wynyard Bears (high school: HCAA)


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Bashutsky #21

You’d be hard pressed to find a more football crazy paradise than the province of Saskatchewan, and you don’t need to look any further than the small town of Wynyard where the population is just a shade under 2000 people to find the perfect example of how deep their passion runs for the game.

Alexei Bashutsky is a defensive back playing for Wynyard Composite High School who partake in a game foreign to most football fans, where there still are 12 players on the field, they just are split in half and play a very quick paced, action packed version of American football.

The game is not for the faint of heart or those who enjoy a lot of safety help over top. While Bashutsky notes that most players are smaller in the 6-man game, that doesn’t mean life is any easier for a defensive player,

In 6-man football we have no help on the defence, as you only have 6 men on the field, if you blow a coverage it is a guaranteed touchdown so you need to be sure you have everyone covered.” the young man from Saskatchewan explains. “Also everyone on the field is much quicker, not many big players in 6-man, but everyone is faster.”

Bashutsky was the defensive captain last season leading the Wynyard Bears to a perfect 6-0 season where the defense allowed under 100 points total, which might not sound too impressive until you consider the next closest team allowed 104 more. Of course Bashutsky is proud of the team’s accomplishments on the scoreboard, but it was the teaching moments throughout the season that made a bigger impact on him as a player,

My favourite part about leading the defence was watching our defence succeed and learn from what I had to say. I learned that leadership is extremely important when it comes to the success of your team.”


There still is a high hill to climb towards potential life after 6-man football, but in preparation for this upcoming season Bashutsky is just trying to work on his game and work out as often as possible to ensure that he ready for any challenge that comes his way,

I am working out 6 days a week and looking to improve my speed and footwork throughout the summer. Also want to work on my power.”

After a long summer of workouts Bashutsky plans to begin his recruiting process where he hopes that a few schools will take a liking to his game on the 6-man field. Regardless of the obstacles that may lay ahead, he knows that he can always rely on his father and older brother to point him in the right direction,

My older brother has taught me that I don’t have to come from a big city or a 12-man team to succeed, we just need to get noticed by the right people. He’s also taught me to trust in my abilities and not worry about how other players do if I’m competing against them. My father has always taught me to be a strong worker and ethical person.”

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