Doesn’t matter if practice or game, David Neumeier brings it 100% every time

Photo courtesy of David Neumeier (59)

It isn’t easy being an only parent and playing both roles of father and mother, but for offensive lineman David Neumeier, his mother was the rock in his life and has propelled him to where is his today.

“My mother is the most influential person to me because she raised me as the only parent playing the role of both father and mother and how well she did it even under the circumstances we were in,” he said when I asked him who were the people in his life that have meant the most and have had the most impact on him.

Mom has done a standup job because this 6-foot-1, 293lbs tackle/guard has excelled on and off the field. Playing for four years now, Neumeier won the Top Lineman award for the 2016 season. He has also played on the U16 and U17 Team Saskatchewan teams. During the high school season, he plays for the Yorkton Regional Raiders, in Yorkton, SK.

Neumeier said he has always had an interest in how physical a game football is and likes how it truly is a team sport. He recalled how playing in the AT&T Stadium against the USA was a great experience and one that he won’t likely forget.

“It’s my life. I have a true passion for the game and my family continues to motivate me since I am one of the very few who continue to strive to finish my education,” he commented. “Without football, I truly believe I would be in the position as the majority of the people where I am from and that being in jail.”

Looking ahead though, Neumeier is gearing up for the upcoming season and has big expectations for himself and his team.

“I’m most looking forward to being one of the best teams in our league and having a great chance of winning the championship and I feel that my hard work in the off-season will contribute to the success of the team,” he said.

As an offensive lineman, dedication and the ability to gel with your unit is critical if success is to be had. For Neumeier he said he brings 100% all time, whether that be in practice or a game. He also loves the physicality of his position.

“I enjoy being a lineman for the physicality it brings and I believe that I have an edge as a football player because I am 100% dedicated to being the best I can be and I give 100% effort every play whether it be practice or a game.”

Photo courtesy of David Neumeier (59)

With a role like Anthony Munoz, you can see where this young lineman wants to get to. “[his] versatility of a lineman and being able to shut down some of the best linebackers and D-Ends,” he said is one of the reasons he looks up to Munoz.

While this young athlete still had two years to go to develop before the recruiting process really starts to heat up, he said he has noticed that there is some interest starting to develop. Getting to that next level is something that Neumeier is working hard to get to and would like to major in Business while carrying out his football career. He has attended a few camps and combines to improve his football skills and abilities and feels that he compared well to the other athletes who were participating.

The adjustment to this next step doesn’t seem to phase Neumeier as he said, “I think I will adjust greatly due to the fact of my aggressiveness and my physicality. I will be training and hitting the weight room as much as possible.”

Football is a great outlet for most young athletes. It can sometimes be the life line that propels one to reach their full potential and open up opportunities that they may have otherwise never had a chance at getting. Neumeier recognizes this and said that football means everything to him.


David Neumeier (#59)
Offensive Tackle/Guard
6’1, 293lbs

Teams: U16/U17 Team Saskatchewan, Yorkton Regional Junior/Senior Raiders Raiders
Official visits: none
Unofficial visits: none
Considerations: open
Commitment: none
Class: 2019

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