FB Mulligan enjoys the physicality

Photo credit: Glenn Dickson

Quinn Mulligan finished the year with 17 carries good for 107 yards and three touchdowns for the WHSFL Anavets bowl champions, the St. Paul’s Crusaders

St.Paul’s fullback chose the position because it involves hitting someone every play. Quinn added, “That along with being able to carry and catch the ball are why I chose to be a fullback.”

Quinn hasn’t modeled his game after any professional players but he is in awe of two NFL runningbacks. “I like the way Ezekiel Elliot runs, and Marshawn Lynch’s physicality,” said Quinn.

Once he’s finished at St.Paul’s, Quinn is planning to continue his football career in college/university. At this time Quinn does not have a specific post-secondary program in mind.

Quinn has received interest from several universities through his exposure from the Canada Cup, and his highlight tape.

When Quinn reaches the next level of football he is confident that he can be successful. He explained, “I am not intimidated by the idea of playing against an older age group, and I believe that my provincial program has prepared me sufficiently to be able to play at the next level.”

To improve his production on the gridiron Quinn trains at least 4 days a week, and every week in the gym he does either individual skills and/or lifting weights. During the season, Quinn is still planning on keeping up a workout regimen, as well as taking advantage of speed training camps available to him.

Quinn’s father has influenced him the most. Quinn mentioned, “He was my coach for my first seven years of football, and he continues to give me advice to this day.” Quinn’s high school coaches have also been instrumental in his development as a football player, as well as his provincial coaches.

We asked Quinn what football means to him, he said, “Football is what I’m most passionate about, and I have been playing it throughout my entire life.”

Over the years of playing football Quinn has learned the importance of teamwork and co-operation, as well as how one person’s contribution can impact the success of a team.

Quinn Mulligan
Fullback, Tailback
5’ 11, 205 lbs

Teams: St. Paul’s High School (WHSFL), Crescentwood Grizzlies (MMFA), U16 Team Manitoba (2015), U 18 Team Manitoba (2016)
Commitment: none
Official Visits: none
Considerations: open
Class: 2018

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