Football a life changer for LB Moar

Moar #22 Courtesy of Glenn Dickson

James Moar finished his senior season playing for the St.John’s Tigers with 34 tackles, 1 interception, 3 sacks, 5 forced fumbles, 2 fumble recoveries, and a touchdown. The Tigers standout played a variety of positions on the field all year. James suited up primarily as a linebacker and defensive end, but he also saw action as a safety, offensive lineman, running back, and slot back.

“I love the contact, love the heart and passion a great linebacker needs,” said James.

James believes he gets his edge because he can read an offense and know what they’re going to do because of film study, and then he can mentally prepare for where he needs to be.

The Tigers’ senior has modeled his game after ex-NFL superstar Ray Lewis. James explained, “Ray Lewis, because he is the greatest linebacker of all time, and I love seeing what he did when he played. I want to do the things he did.”

Next season, James will be playing for the CJFL’s Valley Huskers out of Chilliwack BC.

Once he reaches the next level of football, James thinks he will adjust really well, and he’s excited. His personal expectations are to start a few games later on in the season, and to grind his heart out every day.

This off-season, James has done a lot to improve his game. He started out with a free camp at the University of Winnipeg being coached by one of his favorite coaches, Dan Washnuk. The camp started at 6:30 am-8:00 am on Tuesday and Thursday. James also went to his first year of Recruit Ready which he mentioned was an amazing thing to do. Recruit Ready was Monday and Friday from 6:15 am to 7:45 am. Monday to Friday James was in the weight room for 1 ½ hours per day.

James mentioned, “I only got to rest on Sunday.” James’ coaches have been very influential towards him because they teach him a lot about morals and life. James’ parents have been there for him for support.

Football has been a way for James to let out all of his emotions. “Football is a life changer,” added James.

James’ most memorable moment in football came in the first game that he played in. James explained, “I was in grade 9, starting my first game ever (I joined after the season started and was benched a few games), I got blown up by the full back. I sat there for not even a second and scrambled to my feet, located the ball and forced a fumble with a big tackle. I think about that quite a bit, being a young kid and even though the other guy completely destroyed me, I was not defeated.”

In 2016 James was named the St. John’s Tigers’ MVP.

During his years of playing on a football team, James has learned that effort will get you wherever you want to go.

James Moar
Linebacker, Defensive Line (End)
6’4, 225 lbs

Teams: St. John’s Tigers (WHSFL), WHSFL Senior Bowl Team Boyd
Commitment: none
Official Visits: none
Considerations: open
Class: 2017

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