Fox 40 Prospect Challenge (West Coast): REC Spooner says football has “shaped” him into a better person

For ten years, REC Joseph Spooner has been tying up his cleats as he goes out onto the field to play a sport that he fell in love with so many years ago.

At six years old, he felt the pull of football and has continued on a steady path playing for the GSL North Shore football league and then the North Shore spring flag football league and Carson Graham high school football program. 

“As I got older and started taking the game on a more serious note, I began to think of it as not only a dream but a goal to continue to Post-Secondary and play football there! I’ve been playing for ten years now and also ref it at a lower level. I know the game a lot and always love to learn more about it; wether it be techniques I can utilize on the field, to hidden rules in the rule book.”

Spooner mentions that the CFC100 list is definitely a goal of his and is ready to work hard to go after it. “It would be great college exposure and be an experience of a lifetime.” 

Training as much as possible to increase his speed and agility, Spooner goes to the gym or conditioning classes 4 times per week. In addition, he participates in wrestling, rugby, and snowboarding in order to assist in his strength and conditioning. He says that he will continue to create new goals with the success of the current goals in order to make a good impression on testing day at the FPC and to go to the next phase.

While this 6’0, 155lbs receiver works hard to perfect his craft, he definitely has role models that he looks up to. “Aaron Rodgers is my football Idol without a doubt. He has a great story to prove hard work and determination will make you successful,” he said. “He was overlooked in high school and ended up in a Junior College, but put in his work and got picked up by a div 1 School in California!”

Spooner goes on to say that he feels football creates opportunities in life, lifelong friendships, and you learn many life lessons through the sport. He believes that it has “shaped” him into a better person with the support of all his coaches and peers and teammates.

Joseph Spooner
Position(s): WR, DB
Ht/Wt: 6’0, 155lbs
Team(s): GSL North Shore Football League, North Shore Spring Flag Football League, Carson Graham
Class: 2018

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