Fox 40 Prospect Challenge (Central): Doyle, a burning passion for football

Conor Doyle might have a small stature at 5’8 and 150lbs, but he is a fearless competitor once he crosses the white lines.

His idols are two former University of Miami Hurricanes great Ray Lewis and Sean Taylor. Lewis and Taylor became household names and legends through breathtaking and jaw dropping hits that left many of us wondering how the victims survived.

And, it is with that mentality that Doyle approaches the game of football. This season he recorded 3 interceptions, 12 knockdowns, 40+ tackles, and 1 sack in nine games en route to being named the Defensive Back of the Year for the North Bay Bulldogs. At the CFCFPC, Doyle “wants to impress and show scouts” what he is “capable of doing at a higher level of the game.”

Doyle plays much bigger than his stature might let you think he will. The young man is also a very intelligent football player who is playing three positions. He plays cornerback, safety, and wide receiver for the Nippising Wild and North Bay Bulldogs.

In order to improve his game, Doyle spends his offseason in the gym. His training regimen includes a visit to the “weight room five days per week, and I also do Olympic weightlifting to help me be more explosive and strength,” says Doyle.

Doyle is just ecstatic about the endless possibilities that football can open for him in the future. “I love the game, and it has been an unreal ride so far and I can’t wait for what’s ahead,” says Doyle.

A fearless competitor with a burning passion and love for the game of football, a high football IQ, and the discipline to follow his training regimen make Conor Doyle a great football player, “I love to play football because it fills me with a lot of excitement,” says Doyle.

Conor Doyle (#3)
Position: Cornerback, Safety, Wide Receiver
Height/Weight: 5’8’’, 150lbs
Team(s): North Bay Bulldogs, Team Central OPC 2016, U-17 Team Ontario, St-Joseph Scollard Hall Bears, Nipissing Wild
Class: 2018

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