Fox 40 Prospect Challenge (Central): Dominick Erchegyi is a Swiss-Army Knife playmaker

“I love football because there is always another level, the more you work you put in the higher level you go,” says Dominik Erchegyi, a Swiss army knife player for the Richview Saints.

Erchegyi loves football, ”football has been an amazing sport, I love the game, it’s a fun experience and I enjoy playing,” says Erchegyi. The young man plays both offense and defense. On offense he has lined up at quarterback, running back, and wide receiver, and on defense, he has lined up at linebacker and left defensive end.

Erchegyi does not have an off-season to improve his athleticism, “I play other sports to stay fit, in the summer I play basketball, in winter I play hockey, and when May comes it is time for football!” says Erchegyi.

Although Erchegyi plays more positions on offense, his two idols are arguably the two greatest linebackers to ever play in the NFL, Lawrence Taylor of the New York Giants and Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens.

“Lawrence Taylor was a monster, […] the intimidation just by being on the field. […] Ray Lewis is the definition of a leader, he was like a gladiator in football gear,” says Erchegyi.

Erchegyi wants to use the CFCFPC as a way to get noticed by scouts, or coaches to move on to the next level, “get noticed by scouts and get better at the game,” says Erchegyi who adds that the CFC100 list could also help him in that regard, “being on the CFC 100 would be great, it would look great for university schools and coaches.”

Dominik Erchegyi (#15)
Positions: QB/RB/WR/LE/LB
Teams: Richview Saints/Etobicoke Eagles
Height/Weight: 5’10, 185lbs
Class: 2018

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