Fox 40 Prospect Challenge (West Coast): Goals! MLB Hosseini has got plenty

Football is my passion and I love the process.” says middle linebacker and running back, Mahyar Hosseini. “I love the countless hours in the gym and on the field to strapping the pads on game day and balling out in games in front of my friends and especially my family.”

The 6’0, 185lbs Carson Graham Eagle has high expectations for himself and sets his goals very high. Having played for five years now, Mahyar has received numerous athletic awards, but doesn’t settle for just those. He hopes at the CFCFPC, he can “absolutely outwork everyone on the field and the gym and make the CFC100 team and be ranked as one of the best MLB/RB in the nation and hopefully making the cut, I will be able to continue my football career at a NCAA level down south,” he says. 

With this focus, Hosseini takes the necessary steps to prepare, both physically and mentally to get better. In the off-season, he states that he takes care of his body by stretching, doing cardio and agility, and lifting weights. “I am always frequent with working out as I go to the gym and field early in the morning, so I can have the afternoon to study,” he says. “I also stay away from any foods that can not benefit me whatsoever in games or practice.”

Aside from taking care of his body, he also works hard to improve his football skills and ability by going to many camps and combines. “I go to many camps and combines for the exposure, practice, and competing with people that want to make it to the next level as me, going against players to make me a better player for the upcoming season,” he says.

It is this dedication to the sport you love that sees that you never stop working for your goals. Mahyar believes this to be true and it is shown in the role model, New England Patriots QB, Tom Brady.

My role model is Tom Brady because he was pick 199 in his draft year, and everyone doubted him and believed he just was not cut out for the NFL, but then through hard work, leadership, and adversity he has won 5 super bowls and is the best quarterback of all time. He never quit and never gave up and he just kept working and working to be best of all time, and that is what I want to be known of.”

Hosseini says that football has made him into a better play maker, and overall person. “I hope to continue playing football in the future and keep improving as a player and a better person and become a role model.”

Mahyar Hosseini (#3) 
Position(s): MLB, RB
Ht/Wt: 6’0, 185lbs
Teams: Carson Graham Secondary School
Class: 2019


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