Fox 40 Prospect Challenge (West Coast): Hyack, Cade, looking to impress coaches

Defensive end and nose tackle, Darrio Cade, has been playing football for seven years now. He started off with the Widefield Raiders, and currently plays for the New Westminster Hyacks football team.

Cade expresses that one of his most memorable moments was when the Hyacks won the junior varsity championship. “[…] you start achieving things like the HYACKS won the championship and it was amazing and I’m the first in my family to win a championship.” he says. He loves playing football and has made a lot of friends from being a part of the football fraternity. 

He goes on to say that his experience with football so far has been “fun and cool”. This year he had 21 tackles and 1 fumble recovery which he says was “amazing”.

Darrio mentions that Eddie Lacy, Jerome Bettis, and Cameron Wake are just a few of the professional athletes that he looks up to and uses them to motivate him to work harder. He goes running depending on the weather and does sprint workouts to keep up with his conditioning.

His goal for the CFCFPC is to get his 40 yard time up and to impress the coaches who are there to evaluate him. He has other future goals that incorporate him going on visits to D1 schools down south and across Canada.

Ultimately, Darrio is looking forward to putting his best foot forward and wants the opportunity to keep working on his goals and improving his football skills and ability overall.

Darrio Cade (#54) 
Position(s): DE, FB
Ht/Wt: 5’7, 222lbs
Teams: New Westminster Hyacks, Widefield Raiders
Class: 2019

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