Fox 40 Prospect Challenge (Central): Jordan Carlson is a football junkie

Jordan Carlson is a do it all receiver playing for Nipissing Wild. He can lineup in the slot, and outside.

Football is a way for Carlson to forget about the stress of his life, “it gets my mind off of all the stress of school, work, and my social life. Even if it’s for a couple hours a day, it’s nice to get away from it all,” says Carlson.

At the CFCFPC, Carlson simply wants to have a good showcase and fun. His goal is “to help Central win, and to have some fun,” says Carlson.

Carlson is a football junkie. He is constantly striving to get better at football, whether it is improving his strength and conditioning, or mastering his technique, or coming back from injuries better than he was prior to the injury.

“I workout everyday and watch a lot of football technique videos. No matter what, I always workout, eat semi-proper, and stay healthy,” says Carlson. His dedication and commitment to excellence is only matched by his passion for football.

Carlson does not have a role model per say, but he admires a celebrity tight end because of how he overcomes injuries. “I have never really had a football idol, but if I had to pick someone to admire it would be Gronkowski. This is because of all the injuries he has suffered and still comes back better than ever. He gives me the motivation to never stay down,” says Carlson.

Football has been great thus far for Carlson, “my football experience has been filled with amazing opportunities, great players, and unreal coaches,” says Carlson.

In short, Carlson loves football.

Jordan Carslon (#88)
Position: Slot back, wide receiver
Teams: Widdfield Wildcats JV, Widdfield Wildcats varsity, North Bay Bulldogs, Nipissing Wild, and Central OPC 2016.
Height/Weight: 6’0, 170lbs
Class: 2017

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