Fox 40 Prospect Challenge (Central): Knight DE ready to showcase his skills


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Hayden Rollin-Taylor began his football career in Grade 9 with the St. Mary’s Knights in Sault Ste. Marie. The defensive end has just completed his second season with the Knights as a captain.

His goals for the Fox 40 Prospect Challenge (formally OPC) are to showcase his skills, meet other players and to explore development opportunities.

During the offseason the Knight keeps active seven days a week. He plays hockey because organized sports keep him fit and engaged in teamwork, as well as doing weight and cardio training with drills to improve his strength, explosiveness and hand/foot quickness.

“A good defensive end has strong legs and quick feet,” said Hayden. “I weight train with heavy weights to improve my leg strength.”

“I know I need strength and quickness to allow me to get the quarterback or at least to disrupt the throwing lane,” added the Knight.

Moreover, he knows that he needs to be constantly improving his fitness to be able to get separation from the blocker or blockers who are trying to manhandle him. “I need to practice foot drills so I can quickly read whether a pass or run play is coming, sometimes even before the snap, and adjust my rush accordingly,” continued Hayden.

On the field, his idol is San Diego Chargers defensive end, Joey Bosa.

“He is my football role model because he has a build and fitness level I aspire to – a good muscular definition and flexibility to go along with a confident, competitive attitude,” explained the Knight.

Bosa is described as having a solid upfield burst off the snap, power in his hands and can focus a rush attack on outside shoulder of tackle using forward lean and aggressive hand play.

“When I watch him I see that I can learn to stack and slide along the line of scrimmage in pursuit of the ball carrier,” continued Hayden. “He forced five fumbles over two years.”


Hayden plays football out of a real love for the game. He likes the long, challenging practices, and that it is a physical and mental commitment to the game everyday.

“The team depends on me to give it my all in games and practices,” commented the Knight, because being part of a team is important to him. “I’m in the best shape of my life and football is the best motivator and reason to stay healthy and exercise,” added Hayden.

He also likes football because it has taught him discipline and self-respect. “Football has given me lessons on personal improvement because I have had to learn how to deal with things like criticism and hard work,” said Hayden.

Football has also taught the defensive end that a high work ethic can overcome adversity. He also learned to care for his teammates and want them to succeed, for their own good and not just for the benefit of the team. “Being a captain has offered me opportunities to learn responsibility and take on a leadership role,” continued the Knight. “These qualities are life skills, not just football skills.”

“This will help me succeed in life, not just football.”

Hayden Rollin-Taylor
Position: Defensive end
Height/Weight: 6’0”, 175lbs
Team: St. Mary’s Knights (NOSSA)
Class: 2019

Rollin-Taylor 2


Register now for the 2016-2017 Fox 40 Prospect Challenge (formerly OPC)



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