Fox 40 Prospect Challenge (West Coast): RB/LB Brown has a ton of potential

Tariq Brown isn’t graduating until 2021, but he will definitely be a name to watch out for when recruits come to Vernon, British Columbia. He plays both sides of the ball at the moment, running back and linebacker. Tariq has been playing football since he was six and already has a stellar resume. He has won provincials in Pee-wee with the Kelowna Mission Lions and has been selected to be on the ABC Border Bowl team.

Football is his number one sport but Tariq has also made the British Columbia summer games for basketball as well. He trains hard by working on his agility, sprint speed and strength so he can compete at the highest level possible.

His father is a big part of Tariq’s passion for football, when asked about the CFCFPC, Tariq mentioned, “My dad had the opportunity to play Football at the college level and my hope is to be able to continue the sport I love after high school.”

There have been other football idols he has been watching tape on since he was young. He told CFC about wanting to be like Walter Payton. Brown said regarding Payton, “He was aggressive and tough on the field, admired by his teammates and always played with intensity. He had respect for all his jobs on the field and took as much pride blocking for a teammate as running in a touchdown by himself.”

Brown talked about what drew his attention to football and two things intrigued him. “I love the aggressiveness of football. There is nothing better than being able to tackle people with an explosion of energy.” Tariq also added, “I love the team aspect. Everyone working together to achieve a desired goal, with a common commitment and high level of intensity.”

Tariq Brown will be a player to watch out for, for many years to come.

Tariq Brown
Positions: Running Back/Linebacker
Height/Weight: 5’5 115lbs
Teams: Kelowna Mission Lions
Class: 2021

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