Fox 40 Prospect Challenge (Central): REC/TE Fritz ready to overcome his setbacks

Lucas Fritz started playing football eight years ago, and has experienced its share of ups and downs.

“I have been setback with various injuries throughout seasons, which has caused me to become a stronger player and made me realize that I do not want to give up on this sport as I have had many reasons/opportunities to give up when it got hard for me,” said Lucas.

Despite all the setbacks, football has still had the most positive impact on his life.

During his long career, the receiver has played in the Ontario Football Conference (OFC) with the North Halton Crimson Tide, with his high school team, the Georgetown District Rebels, and with various All Star teams.

Unfortunately, Lucas was injured through the past high school season and was unable to play.

“My goals for the CFCFPC are to earn my spot on the team and make as much of an impact as I can towards the teams win,” commented the Crimson Tide. “I am going to strive for this goal and push myself at the Top 100 camp to prove to the coaches and scouts what type of football player I can be.”

During the offseason, Lucas attends camps and tryouts for various teams.

Currently, he is attending the OverTime Football offseason camp, which is teaching him new techniques and position specific skills. He also attends the gym almost daily, as well as follows a meal plan to get his weight and strength up.

On the field, one of his biggest idols is Victor Cruz because he came from nothing and made something out of what he was given in life, which was hard for him.

“I can also relate to him because he recently underwent a very serious injury as have I,” added Lucas, “but he pushed through and never gave up on his dream of going back to the NFL to continue his career with the New York Giants.”

The receiver loves to play football because it is who he is and what makes him the person he is.

“One day I wish to turn this love of the sport into something more than just a hobby,” explained the Tide. “One main reason that I love football and being on the field is being with my team and fighting with them until the end.”

“I would love to take my football skills to the next level and am striving for a scholarship,” added Lucas, who is considering returning to high school for a victory lap.

Lucas Fritz
Positions: Receiver and tight end
Height/Weight: 6’2”, 180lbs
Teams: North Halton Crimson Tide (OFC) and Georgetown District Rebels (high school)
Class: 2017


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