Fox 40 Prospect Challenge (West Coast): RB/LB Tashimoto brought football spirit from Japan

Akihito Takimoto started playing football in Japan four years ago for the Blue Storm out of Aichi, Japan. The 5’7, 170 pound running back and linebacker transferred to Kelowna, British Columbia as an international student. ‘Aki’ as he prefers to be called just finished his first season with the Kelowna SS Owls.

Takimoto loves the way football brings together people and it makes it easier for him to make friends in a new country.

“I really love the team atmosphere that football can provide.” Aki noted. “I love the challenge that football gives me and it helps me live a healthy, active life.”

Rugby is also a new sport that Takimoto is going to learn in the offseason. He feels that it will help his skills on the football field. Aki mentioned, “I am playing rugby for the first time this year, I like how it is also a team sport. I feel that rugby will help my strength and speed going forward in football.”

Strength and conditioning is also on the agenda of the Owl for next season as he wants to play full time running back.

“I am working out in the weight room to get stronger and doing a bunch of speed exercises.” Aki confirmed

A player he wants to symbolize in the next upcoming seasons is former Seattle Seahawks workhorse, Marshawn Lynch. Takimoto states, “He doesn’t give up when getting tackled, he is a player I look up to with great respect.”

The 2019 graduate is looking forward to the CFC Fox 40 Prospect Challenge. “I want to work on my skills and become a better football player. I want to play in the university level and I hope the CFCFPC can get me noticed.”

Akihito Takimoto
Positions: Running back/ Linebacker
Height/Weight: 5’7, 170lbs
Team: Kelowna SS Owls
Class: 2019

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