Fox 40 Prospect Challenge (West Coast): DE Savage was “hooked the moment I put on my equipment”

Many athletes look up to professional players and other “celebrity” status athletes for their role models. Not defensive lineman, Robert Savage. He sticks closer to home with who he wants to emulate.

There are many players in professional football that could be my idol because of their talent and community service but my role model is my coach.  Not only because of his vast knowledge of football, but because of his unselfish dedication to my team, and the fact has had confidence in me, thus giving me confidence and a clear objective for my future.”

Savage definitely has clear objectives and says for the CFCFPC that he has always enjoyed the challenge of playing at a higher level. He adds, “[…] and promise I can deliver a coachable and dedicated team player.”

He goes on to say that his immediate focus is to keep raising his GPA as it is important to him to get a post secondary education and states that he also wants football to be a major part of this educational experience. 

Having only played for four years now, all with the Handsworth Royals, Savage says he was “hooked the moment I put on my equipment and started spring training.” He adds, “Being on the team has taught me how to focus, be a leader, how to work and train hard, given me goals to achieve, and a sense of responsibility and personal pride.  I am lucky that I have strong support on and off the field by both my family and my football family.” 

Training is a year round endeavour and requires more then just the basic conditioning program that most high school programs offer. Robert says that he will be attending any skills camp that he is able to, working out at his local gym, play a little rugby, and eating right. He also will be using the expertise of other trainers with his strength and conditioning regime in order to take care of his body properly.

I have speed. I am our fastest lineman, and use my speed and hands to work around the opposing line,” he says. 

But how did Robert get here? By the end of his first season playing with the junior varsity team, he was offered a chance to play at the varsity level. While he continued to play on both teams, he played offensive line and defensive line and rarely was off the field. He received the Coach’s dedication award for all of the extreme effort that he did in the off-season, his positive attitude, and having never missed, or been late, for a practice or game. Lastly, he was awarded the 2015 Overall Lineman Award.

Does he have one more goal that he would absolutely love to accomplish?

Being on the CFC100 list would be an achievement that would be the pinnacle of my football achievements.”

Robert Savage (#59)
Position(s): D-Line, O-Line, Special Teams
Ht/Wt: 5’10, 185lbs
Teams: Handsworth Secondary School / Senior Varsity
Class: 2018

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