Fox 40 Prospect Challenge (West Coast): Exceptional coaches have molded DT Bolanos

It isn’t every day that you get to meet your role model in person. But for defensive tackle, Jonathan Bolanos, he was fortunate enough to meet Red Bryant in Grade eight at a training camp.

“He was great to work with and I found I could relate to him and experiences he had growing up,” mentions Bolanos. “He motivated me to always do my best on and off the field.”

This set the stage for the Notre Dame Juggler to excel in every way. Playing for six years now, he has an impressive resume. He was the Offensive Lineman 2012 with the Vancouver Trojans, Most Outstanding Player Award, Lineman 2014 (UBC training camp), Most Improved Player, Junior Varsity 2014 (Notre Dame), and Most Outstanding Player Award, Lineman 2016 (UBC training camp). In addition to these, he was also selected to play and represent Team BC at the U14, U16, and U18 levels.

“I have played football since I was in grade 7.  I have learned the value of team work, dedication, commitment,” he explained. “I have had a number of great opportunities, like playing for Team BC in Texas, Red River and California, that I would not have had without football.”

While he hopes to continue to develop his football skills and experience,  He says that his experience is in part due to the exceptional coaches that he has had. He says, “we have seen great results as a team and working with exceptional coaches to make me a better person.”

And while he will be working with Game Ready strength and cardio training sessions in the off-season, he reflects that being part of a brotherhood and being able to have fun and work hard are just as important. “I have met a number of amazing coaches that give us a lot of their time, attention and guidance to help us become men.”

Jonathan Bolanos (#70)
Position(s): Defensive tackle
Ht/Wt: 5’11, 250lbs
Teams: Notre Dame Jugglers, Vancouver Trojans
Class: 2017

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