Fox 40 Prospect Challenge (West Coast): LB Moreira, “always strive for greatness, never be okay with mediocrity”

Linebacker Mateo Moreira has been suiting up for five years on the gridiron. Currently a member of the St. Thomas More Knights, Moreira amassed 90 tackles, 6 sacks, 2 fumbles recoveries, and 1 interception in 10 games for the 2016 regular season.

He started playing football grade 8 as an outlet for his energy and said “it brought me much satisfaction to use my physical strength to dominate an opponent.” He goes on to say that as he matured, he came to love and respect a sport [football] that demanded a physical exertion and athletic ability. It also taught him “responsibility and integrity, and by leading by example” he says. 

The years that followed, have been “amazing” for Mateo. With any sport, there are ups and downs. Losses are painful, but he says that they contributed in making him a better player and giving him the “drive” to compete with his opponents. Moreira stated that in his final year of high school (this past season), he felt more pressure to be the leader that he has started to turn into.

“I felt more pressure than ever to be a leader, as I wanted our team to win the Provincial Championship more than anything. I was afraid to fail my brothers and my coaches who invested so much time into the program. Although my team did not get the result we wanted, I  gave it everything I had and refused to quit, regardless of what the scoreboard said.”

With the high school season over and the Fox 40 Prospect Challenge – WEST COAST coming up, Moreira will focus on becoming stronger and more powerful. He will specifically focus on using compound movements and isolation exercises to accomplish this goal. In addition to his strict lifting and eating plan, Mateo will do agility and plyometrics to increase his speed and overall athletic ability. “For me, training and becoming a better athlete is one of the most enjoyable parts of football.”

Enjoying what you do is a bigger part of the equation that most forget during the grind of perfecting your craft. Ray Lewis is someone Mateo mentions that he looks up to because of this.

“Ray Lewis is my football idol, as he is explosive, tough, and leads with his ability as a great playmaker. He has a no excuses attitude and his level of both mental and physical fortitude is something I hope to one day achieve. Apart from being a skilled athlete, he also delivers an inspirational message to continue working on your craft, always striving for greatness and never being okay with mediocrity.”

In addition to using great athletes to motivate, Mateo also looks to be ranked on the CFC100 top prospect’s list. “Having my hard work, dedication, and skill recognized is the ultimate reward as a player.” He goes on to say, “Being required to execute under stress and pressure has fostered a demand of having high expectations set for myself, which has taught me to always perform to the best of my ability, regardless of the task.” 

Mateo believes that football brings people together in a way no other sport can. He says it develops trust and support between those around him and it is those people (coaches, teammates, trainers, etc) who become your “family away from home”.

In the end, football has been a lifeline for Mateo and ends by saying, “I believe that through all these years playing football, I have become a better person and have gained a valuable life experience that only a few will ever have the privilege of being exposed to.”


Mateo Moreira
Position: Linebacker
Height/Weight: 5’10, 188lbs
Teams: St.Thomas More Knights
Official Visits: none
Considerations: open
Class: 2017


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