Fox 40 Prospect Challenge (West Coast): Lineman Batt overcomes challenges

We all face challenges in our life. Lineman Nicholas Batt has used football to over come some of these challenges.

Football for me was a story about over coming challenges both on and off the football field, whether that was over coming learning disabilities to become a better student in order to participate at the high school level, or simply battling against asthma to become faster and stronger year by year in order to improve my game.”

Playing for four years now, Batt plays most positions on the line. At 5’11 and 190-pounds, he finished off his high school season with the Kelowna Owls. He has won Sportsman of the Year in Grade 11 and has been on the Consistent Report Card Work Ethic and Honor Role.

He says football wasn’t always consistent for him. Some years were better then others, “it was the love for the game and a similar passion form my teammates that encouraged me to fight for them and the game even when times get tough,” he said.

He hopes that the CFCFPC will gain him some extra exposure and to experience another level of coaching. “I hope that I can improve my positional play with the coaches support and perhaps experience the last football games and practices with some of my graduating team mates,” and goes on to say, “to date I still look for places I can improve my game and the positons I play. I hope to continue playing football in the next stages of my life.”

During the off-season, Batt plans on playing rugby to stay in shape and maintain a solid eating and workout plan. “I have always felt that keeping a second sport in your back pocket keeps the mind and muscles fresh for football, unlike just bulking at the gym you still need to keep your game sense,” he adds. 

Whether it was a good or challenging year, Nicholas has looked up to one football role model that has kept him motivated and inspired to overcome the challenges.

My football role model is Derrick Coleman of the Seattle Seahawks. Like me Coleman has a journey of overcoming challenges to constantly overcome struggles being deaf and being an athlete. Not only did he successful overcome his challenges to play with LSU but he was able to become part of the game day lineup for the Seahawks.”

He adds, “Being around many huddles and practices with fullback and running back type players I understand how hard it is too play those positions with fully capable ears, and getting the snap count down! I could not begin to tell you the amounts of times both myself and my team mates have gone offside being able to hear the quarter backs and coaches tell us the snap count.”

“For all these reasons I look up to Derrick Coleman and his ability to overcome challenges right up to the highest level.”


Nicholas Batt (#66)
Position: Defensive End/Tackle, Offensive Guard/Tackle, Center
Height/Weight: 5’11, 190bs
Team(s): Kelowna Owls
Class: 2017

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