Fox 40 Prospect Challenge (West Coast): QB Bosa is excited to play at the next level

For quarterback, Kaelen Bosa, playing on different teams throughout his short career has been enjoyable for him, but he is ready to go the next level as suits up for the Notre Dame Jugglers in the fall.

The Offensive MVP, loves the camaraderie of playing on a team and meeting new friends. He goes on to say that he loves the strategy of playing quarterback or safety. In addition to the cerebral part of his positions he also will be working the physical side, improving his football and athletic ability by working with a trainer and participating in many outdoor activities.

He also says that he looks up to Erin Berry from the Kansas City Chiefs because of the obstacles he has had to deal with in his life.

“The reason he is my favourite player is because when he had an obstacle come up in his life, cancer, he was able to recover and come back to the NFL. He is one of the best safeties and was able to perform better than he did before he got cancer.” He says, “What I  really like about him is he tells younger people no matter what happens to you in life strive for greatness and be the best you can be.”

Striving to be the best he can be will be what he will be doing for the CFCFPC and to expose himself to other programs.

Kaelen Bosa
Position(s): QB, Free safety
Ht/Wt: 5’10, 155lbs
Teams: Notre Dame Jugglers, Renfrew Trojans, Coquitlam Chargers, Burnaby Chargers (flag)
Class: 2020

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