Fox 40 Prospect Challenge (Central): WR Blasko searching for recognition

Mitchell Blasko had always wanted to play football, but was always afraid of being injured or hit. In Grade 6, he finally gained the courage to play, beginning his six year football career. Mitchell loves football because he loves the contact. Ever since he was young, he was a hockey player with an anger management issue, which is why he wanted to play football instead of getting penalties for hitting.

“Every time I receive the ball or run the ball, and get low enough to crunch a defensive player, reminds me how much I love football,” commented the Grenadier. “I fell in love the moment I had the ball in my arms,” continued Mitchell. “I just felt a rush every time I touched a ball or even saw one.”

In Grades 6 to 8, he played with the La Salle Junior Black Knights in the Kingston Area Secondary Schools Athletic Association (KASSAA) before switching to the Regiopolis-Notre Dame Panthers. The wide receiver also currently plays in the Ontario Varsity Football League (OVFL). “In Grade 10, I thought I was ready to step up my game, and cracked the starting lineup for the G-Men,” added Mitchell. “In my first game I scored a touchdown and had two receptions both for big gains.”

“The season past by and I knew I had to keep playing competitive football in order to get better and achieve my goals,” continued the Grenadier. This past summer with the Grenadiers, Mitchell got 12 receptions, 186 yards and two touchdowns.

The wide receiver’s goals for the CFCFPC are to get noticed by CIS/OUA coaches and to qualify for the final game.

“I hope to show my talents and love for football at the combines, and prove that I’m worthy of playing post-secondary football,” said Mitchell. “I want coaches and people to see that I have passion and won’t stop trying to achieve my goal until I get it.”

As a 2018 graduate, the Grenadier is hoping to find himself on the CFC100 list because he has seen what happens to those who crack the list with schools, which is something he wants. “I will do my very best to be on that,” stated Mitchell.

During the offseason, he can be found in the gym everyday, sometimes even twice a day. “I noticed last year that receivers may not weigh a lot, but they sure do pack on the muscle, and that was my problem last year,” explained the Grenadier. This year he has been at the gym breaking PRs, and getting faster and stronger. He also does his best to get a ball in his hands everyday to get the feel for it and throw it up in the air to catch it.

In football, his role model is Julian Edelman of the New England Patriots because he sees them as kind of similar.

“We’re both now the biggest guys height-wise, but we make up for it in speed and strength,” explained Mitchell. Edelman was missed when being scouted because no one really noticed him, and then he was drafted and made the team. Shortly after he became a star player.

“He came from out of nowhere and is doing amazing things,” added the receiver. “That’s what I want to do.”



Mitchell Blasko (#39)
Positions: Wide receiver and kicker
Height/Weight: 6’0, 178lbs
Teams: Kingston Grenadiers (OVFL) and Regiopolis-Notre Dame Panthers (KASSAA)
Class: 2018


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