FPC Profile: Lineman Gombrich is eager to learn from the coaching staff

The Fox 40 Prospect Challenge (FPC) is a series of elite showcase games that feature the best tackle football players from across Canada aged 12-19 years. Tournaments are played in Central Canada (ON) and the West Coast (BC).

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In eight of playing football, Alexander Gombrich has suited up for the Vernon Community magnums, ABC Border Bowl (Representing B.C.), and the Clarence Fulton Maroons.

“I love football because it’s the best sport in the world, as it will prepare me for life,” stated Gombrich when asked why he loves football. “It teaches me discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, and it’s a lot of fun.”

Gombrich’s sheer size, coupled with his love of the game has enabled him to excel at one of the most physically demanding positions in football.

“I love the defensive line positions because they are the ‘manliest’ positions on the field, said the B.C. native. “ The d-linemen are the enforcers and define how the game will go. If the d-line shuts down the o-line, it shuts down the offense, and gives its offense more opportunities to score and control the clock.”

Gombrich’s approach to football has boded well for him in the form of numerous awards and recognition. Among these awards includes two Cobin Elle Offensive Lineman award.

Moreover, at just 14-years-old, Gombrich carved out a starting role for himself on the Clarence Fulton Maroons’ Varsity football team.

ABC Border Bowl

At this year’s Fox Prospect Challenge, Gombrich’s objective is to soak up all the information the coaching staff has to offer, implement it to his game-style, and make improvements to his overall game.

“My goal in all I do with football is to continually improve, and learn how I can contribute more to my team’s success,” commented Gombrich.

Gombrich considers himself a student of the game. His role model on the gridiron is the New York Giants’ Hall of Famer Michael Strahan because “he is a great example of what the d-line can do to change a game for his team.”

In his quest to impact the game in the similar manner as Strahan did in his illustrious career with the Giants, Gombrich spends his offseason studying football and working to better familiarize himself with the nuances of playing in the trenches.

Furthermore, the class of 2021 graduate also participates in cross-fit 3-4 times per week with aspirations of improving his strength, speed, and overall quickness.

A typical game day routine for Gombrich begins with a large healthy breakfast which consists of eggs, yogurt, fruit, and whole-wheat toast.

“I will then again review film on the other team. I will also review our plays for the game. I then listen to some music and start to get myself pumped up for the game. And then I try to get my teammates pumped-up as well.”

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Name: Liam Alexander Gombrich
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 240lbs
Current team / program: Clarence Fulton Secondary School (Maroons)
Jersey number #: 53
Football position (s): Defensive Tackle, Defensive End, Offensive Guard
Graduating year (class): 2021

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