GOTW ON: 12 CFC50 showdowns with OFSAA implications


CFC50 No. 1 St. Thomas More (6-0) v.s CFC50 No. 20 Cardinal Newman (5-1)

Friday, November 8th at 6:00pm

It’s time for another showdown between bitter rivals St. Thomas More and Cardinal Newman, but this time there will be no tomorrow for the losers. The fourth spot in the GHAC semifinals has already gone to Frank Hayden out of Halton Public who’ll be awaiting the winner, meaning only one of the Hamilton juggernauts will have a chance to represent the region at OFSAA. The Knights asserted their dominance earlier in the year with a 36-0 shutout against the Cardinals, but the championship rematch always brings out the best in both programs, and nobody in the country wants to see STM’s reign atop the CFC50 rankings end more than Cardinal Newman.

OFSAA Implications: Winner moves onto GHAC Semifinals v.s Frank Hayden

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CFC50 No. 3 Catholic Central (6-0) v.s St. Joseph’s (3-3)
London District Semifinal

Thursday, November 7th at 5:30pm

If you want to make the trip through London District, every program knows they’ll need to beat Catholic Central at some point. St. Joseph’s have had plenty of opportunities throughout the years, and they’ll be looking to play spoiler again with a chance to deliver the Crusaders their first loss of the season. St. Joseph’s enter the game at 3-3, including a tough 43-14 loss at the hands of Catholic Central, but thankfully they’ve had over a month to rethink their attack. It’s going to take hours of planning if they want to get the job done with the Crusaders outscoring their opponents 241-50 in six games this season.

OFSAA Implications: Winner moves onto London District Finals v.s winner St. Andre Bessette/St. Thomas Aquinas

CFC50 No. 8 A. B. Lucas (5-0) v.s CFC50 No. 21 London South (4-1)

Friday, November 8th at 8:00pm

We head to the other side of London where they’re already a step ahead with the TVDSB Final set to take place between familiar rivals A. B. Lucas and South. The annual Civil War is always a highly anticipated matchup, and the animosity should reach new levels with their playoff lives hanging in the balance. They didn’t disappoint in the regular season with Lucas squeaking out a 17-15 victory in a low scoring affair, and I’d expect the same type of gritty matchup with each team allowing less than 10 points per game all year.

OFSAA Implications: Winner moves onto WOSSAA Final v.s the champion from London District

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CFC50 No. 9 W. F. Herman (7-0) v.s Sandwich (3-3)
WECSSAA Semifinal

Thursday, November 7th at 6:00pm

It’s been a couple years since W. F. Herman had a chance to dance at OFSAA, but they’re now just a few steps away from making their grand return. First they’re going to have to deal with Sandwich, who’ve fought tooth and nail all season for their right to upset the top seed in Windsor. History isn’t on their side with Herman earning a 30-0 clean sheet just a couple week ago, but they bounced back with a massive 42-14 win against Gen. Amherst, and also took CFC50 Holy Names by surprise in a heartbreaking 35-29 defeat earlier in the year. On the other hand, the Green Griffins have run into little issues during their undefeated run outscoring their opponents 165-21, including a couple of forfeits. If there’s any glimmer of hope for Sandwich, they can look to Kennedy, who were the only program to keep Herman on their toes from start to finish eventually losing 19-10.

OFSAA Implications: Winner moves onto WECSSAA Final

CFC50 No. 12 Jacob Hespeler (5-0) v.s Waterloo Collegiate (4-1)
District 6/11 Final

Saturday, November 9th at 1:00pm

It’ll be a quick turn around for Jacob Hespeler and Waterloo Collegiate after punching their ticket to the finals on Tuesday, but I doubt there’ll be any lack of energy with a spot in the CWOSSA playdowns on the line. Hespeler have completely owned the region advancing to OFSAA three straight years, so they’ll be the heavy favourites once again, but Waterloo Collegiate were a little bit too close for comfort earlier in the year. The Hawks pulled away for a 21-7 victory, and when you factor in some context, the result should leave Waterloo Collegiate full of confidence they can get the job done this time around if they correct a few errors. Unfortunately that’s a lot easier written than done, because Glenview Park likely felt the same after nearly pulling off an upset during their regular season matchup as well, only to find themselves on the wrong end of a 49-12 beatdown in the semifinals. Safe to say nobody at Hespeler wants the dynasty to end on their watch.

OFSAA Implications: Winner moves onto the CWOSSA Semifinals v.s CFC50 Assumption/J.F. Ross

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CFC50 No. 27 A.N Myer (6-0) v.s Sir Winston Churchill (2-4)

Friday, November 8th at 7:30pm

If you’re looking for the ultimate upset story, look no further than Sir Winston Churchill searching for a way to stun A. N. Myer in Niagara Falls. Myer are known for leaving the public side of the region in complete devastation each season, and they followed the same script this year going 6-0 while outscoring their opponents 232-12. It may not be CFC100 Ford brothers level of madness, but still it’s tough to see how Churchill come out on top without some sort of divine intervention. They’ve already met twice this year with Myer winning both games by a combined score of 76-12, which for those who have a short memory, are the only points they’ve allowed all season. Regardless of the outcome for Churchill, I’m sure they’ll look back fondly at their upset victory over Greater Fort Erie in the semifinals, who defeated them twice in the regular season as well, including a 41-6 blowout in the second meeting. Never say never.

OFSAA Implications: Winner moves onto the SOSSA East Finals v.s CFC50 Notre Dame/Saint Michael

CFC50 No. 33 Westmount (4-0) v.s Sir Winston Churchill (5-0)

Thursday, November 7th at 7:00pm

Just win baby. The path to OFSAA has never been clearer for the public side of Hamilton, now it’s all about who wants it more between Westmount and Sir Winston Churchill. Unlike the other previews above, their two paths have yet to cross with each program entering Thursday night undefeated, leaving predictions up to fantasy and bias. They’ve both proven to be the class of the league with Churchill outscoring their opponents 185-60, while Westmount displayed defensive dominance outscoring their opponents 151-15. For the kicker, they both enter as defending champions with Westmount winning the DI title, and Churchill winning the DII title last season. If you want to find some separation, it was the first title for Westmount since 1987, while Churchill are still looking to claim their first DI banner after falling to Barton in 1999, and Glendale in 1982. Could it be Churchill’s time to make history in Hamilton?

OFSAA Implications: Winner advances to the OFSAA Bowl Series


CFC50 No. 35 Notre Dame (6-0) v.s Saint Michael (4-2)
NCAA Final

Thursday, November 7th at 11:30am

We divert our attention to the Catholic side of Niagara with Notre Dame looking to stave of Saint Michael in the NCAA finals. Some leagues have become very predictable in Ontario, but the NCAA always provides excitement from start to finish, and a viable candidate to bring home some hardware if they can find their way to OFSAA. Saint Michael are the perfect example after knocking off second seed Saint Paul in the semifinals, earning their fifth straight win after dropping their first two contests to Notre Dame and Saint Paul by a combined score of 71-7. It’s been a miraculous turnaround, but unfortunately Notre Dame haven’t slowed down either. The closest they came to losing was to Saint Paul in a 22-12 victory, but when you take them out of the equation, they outscored the rest of their opponents by a staggering 216-21, including three straight shutouts going into the finals. Some people may already be looking ahead to a clash of the titans between Notre Dame and CFC50 A. N. Myer next week, but nothing is ever guaranteed come playoff time.

OFSAA Implications: Winner moves onto the SOSSA East Finals v.s CFC50 A. N. Myer/Sir Winston Churchill

CFC50 No. 45 Assumption (4-0-1) v.s J.F. Ross (3-2)
CWOSSA Quarterfinal

Thursday, November 7th at 6:00pm

Assumption will be the favourites entering with an undefeated record, but J. F. Ross have already proven they’re ready to play Cinderalla at OFSAA this year after a fairy tale run through Guelph. It started with a victory over Centennial in the semifinals, and then with a little bit of luck on the other side of the bracket, they ended up being the top seed in their 34-9 victory over St. James in the finals. A similar situation played out with Brantford CI knocking off North Park in the semifinals, who were tied for first place after tying Assumption, but they wouldn’t play along with the Disney narrative dispatching Brantford CI. It’s been a long time since either league were represented at OFSAA, so both programs will be looking to put their cities back on the map in the CWOSSA playdowns.

OFSAA Implications: Winner moves onto the CWOSSA Semifinals v.s CFC50 Jacob Hespeler/Waterloo Collegiate


CFC50 N0. 48 Eastview (6-0) v.s Barrie North (5-1)
SCAA Finals

Thursday, November 7th at 3:00pm

Good luck predicting anything when Eastview take on Barrie North in the SCAA finals. Simcoe County is another league that produces excitement come playoff time, and we should be in for a real clash between two impressive programs that have no problems scoring points. Eastview enter with the upper hand after defeating Barrie North 40-22 during their regular season bout, but outside of their lone loss, Barrie North managed to outscore their opponents 185-43. Eastview outscored their opponents 220-51 across six contests, and the closest they came to defeat was a 20-16 nail biter against Bear Creek in the season opener. Defence usually rules the roust come playoff time, but I’ve got a feeling we’ll be in for some fireworks if the weather holds up.

OFSAA Implications: Winner moves onto the GBSSA Finals v.s St. Joan of Arc

CFC50 No. 47 Paul Dwyer (4-1) v.s Holy Trinity (4-1)

Saturday, November 9th at 6:00pm

The tides have turned once again in LOSSA, but it’s not too late for Holy Trinity to change course if they can earn redemption against Paul Dwyer in the finals. To give you the bigger picture, Paul Dwyer represented the region at OFSAA from 2014-2016 earning one banner, but then Holy Trinity stole the spotlight advancing the past two season victorious each time, setting up a juicy matchup with no clear favourite to hang your hat on. Holy Trinity saw their vaunted winning streak come to an end at the hands of Paul Dwyer a couple weeks ago in a 30-10 defeat, which hurt just a little bit more because Pickering upset Paul Dwyer the week prior, presenting a chance to secure first place that was squandered. In the grand scheme of things the result didn’t matter, because the only game anybody will remember will be played under the lights on Saturday night.

OFSAA Implications: Winner advances to the OFSAA Bowl Series


CFC50 No. 49 Frontenac (6-0) v.s Holy Cross (4-1-1)

Saturday, November 9th at 1:00pm

We’ve reached our final preview of the week in Ontario, but we might’ve left the best for last with a clash between Frontenac and Holy Cross in Kingston. Since the inception of the OFSAA Bowl Series in 2013, Frontenac have become regulars appearing in the first four events, but they’ve been forced to watch the festivities from the sidelines while other programs took their turn the past two years. Holy Cross made the most of their opportunity last season defeating Thomas A. Stewart to claim the first OFSAA banner in school history, and they’d love to add back-to-back to their social media profiles. It’d be nice, but Frontenac look prime to make another run through the EOSSAA after handling Holy Cross 45-1 in their regular season matchup. That’s how they remember the good old days, but Holy Cross remain the champions until Frontenac can pry the trophy away.

OFSAA Implications: Winner advances to the EOSSAA Finals

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