HB Pendleton isn’t “afraid of any contact or collisions”

David-Daniel Pendleton’s athletic development started on the frozen ice surfaces of the Greater Moncton area. The sophomore never strapped on football pads until the ninth grade at Moncton High. Dawning the Purple Knights helmet came with the expectation to bleed purple.

Players transitions from the rink to gridiron can be difficult. Β The cross over for Pendleton, was not only smooth, but the rookie brought a physical style of play coaches seek.

“I was an aggressive big hitter in hockey, that part of the game carried over, so I’m not afraid of any contact or collisions”

#22 David-Daniel Pendleton

Aside with the welcomed increase in contact, Pendleton quickly noticed and appreciated the greater team aspect of football.

“Hockey can be a very individual sport”, reflects the 15 year old,” and you don’t have to rely on a lot of people. Football you need everyone to do their job, so you can do your job”

Although making the team as a wide receiver, the rookie’s toughness and capacity for contact was put to the test primarily as a blocker. The Knights run a mis-direction, wing-T style offence which requires all hands on deck when it comes to blocking. Pendleton The took a handful of game reps and handled himself with poise.

“My first year I got to learn about the game. Not only was I learning our system, but I was learning the whole game itself,” Pendleton said.

Pendleton spent the off-season focused on improving. He joined the schools Purple Steel program and became a dedicated Olympic lifter. He attended team film study where he became immersed in the dynamics of the game.

During the teams 2016 camp, coaches decided to maximize the potential they saw in Pendleton and switched him to the defensive secondary. Instead of being upset, he had studied one position and focused on getting better at receiver. Pendleton looked at his rookie year as on-the-job-training for his new assignment.

“With my coaches support and dedication, I was able to make the switch. I learned football at the WR position, so I knew how they thought, and I used that knowledge to benefit my game,” said Pendleton.

This knowledge, and his love of contact impressed his coaches, who started him for the entire season in their secondary. At 6-foot-1 and 165-pounds, Pendleton was dynamic enough to play corner, safety, and half back. Β Pendleton stepped up to the opportunistic challenge, embracing each new role his coaches entrusted him with, and began playing with a more fluid approach.

“Playing defence, I was more aggressive with my decisions. When I saw something I reacted instead of thinking about it, which for me was extra hard to do,” explained Pendleton.

Pendleton’s coverage was challenged by the L’Odyssee Olympians. Late in the fourth, deadlocked at a tie, the Olympian’s went for it on third down, completing a screen pass. Pendleton read the play and wrapped up the receiver for a loss of yards and downs.

#31 David-Daniel Pendleton, Team NB

“It was an intense game. There was maybe 3-4 minutes left. That play helped shut down their momentum and gave our team a spark,” recalled Pendleton.

Entering his grade 11 year, the dynamic veteran is preparing for the upcoming grind by continuing to lift with his team, and by playing with the provincial U-18 team.

Entering his sophomore season, Pendleton has been slated to play half back, but he’s prepared and willing to go where his team needs him. Pendleton and the Purple Knights are preparing for September intent on re-claiming the Provincial crown.

“We want to go all the way, I want to go through the up’s and downs as a team, and prove ourselves as the new Purple Knights, and show we bleed purple.”


David-Daniel Pendleton (#22)
6’1, 165lbs

Teams: Moncton High Purple Knights
Commitment: none
Official Visits: none
Considerations: Open
Class: 2019

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