Highlander McNally looking to build the toughest version of himself

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Rivalries. They can be the best things ever to motivate and bring about competition at a higher level. For 6-foot-2, 170-pound receiver/quarterback, Will McNally, it was the rival game versus the Moncton Purple Knights that had him flying around the field.

“My first touchdown at the quarterback position last season during my junior year of high school,” he recalled.  “Putting up some points on the board in our school spirit game against our rivals from Moncton High was one the most rewarding feelings I’ve experienced in football to date.”

Having only played three year of football, McNally has played on Team New Brunswick and was awarded the NB offensive player of the game in the FCC this past summer. While he suites up for the Bernice MacNaughton Highlanders during the high school season, he’s getting valuable experience being able to get coached by others and to play against other elite athletes his age across the country.

When he came into his freshman year of high school, he was influenced with veteran members of the team to go and tryout for football. At the time, there was no middle school or JV team which for football unlike other school sports that McNally was involved with. This jump was exciting and so he joined. Ever since then, McNally said, “I’ve loved flying around on the field”.

When speaking about playing the quarterback position, McNally loves being the control man. “I like my position as a quarterback because it demands leadership and the ultimate mental strength to lead the offense.” However, as a receiver he said that he leans on his athleticism to make plays.

“I like my position as a receiver because although I’ve never been the biggest or strongest guy on the field, I can lean on my athleticism to make plays at this position while I continue to build strength and size,” he explained. “I think my speed, height and ball skills give me that physical ‘edge’ as a receiver.”

It’s interesting then, to see that he models his game after A.J. Green for the NFL’s Cincinnati Bengals.

“I share his physical traits with my tall and lanky frame, and love the way he conducts himself on and off the field,” he commented. “It’s rare for a professional football player to stay quiet and humble as a superstar in the league, but he consistently keeps his mouth shut and doesn’t showboat after great catches, while putting aside his ego when speaking to the media. I’ve always seen myself in Green while watching him play, and I try to model his game to the best of my abilities on and off the field.”

Coaches everywhere will love to hear this. His own head coach, Edison Wasson speaks very highly of his young athlete.

“Will has qualities that any coach would desire, great leadership on and off the field, a strong will to succeed, combined with a good frame, great speed and the ability to make good decisions,” Coach Wasson said. “On our team, Will plays QB and is the focal point of our offence, he has worked hard at being the best football player he can be for the upcoming season.”

With his senior season approaching, McNally will be putting in the necessary preparation and training to not only have a terrific next season, but get ready for the next stage of his academic and football career.

“At the next level, my speed will help me adjust to the faster-paced flow of the game. I’ll need to lift consistently during the off-season to add on muscle mass and increase my size to be more effective as a blocker and become a larger target as a as a pass-catcher,” he said.

Coach Wasson believes that McNally will be able to make this jump to post secondary pretty well just as he did when he first started playing with the Highlanders.

“I believe there is always an adjustment period, but I also believe that Will would be able to make the transition effectively.”

Making plans, adjusting the plan, and then working the plan seems fairly straightforward and it is when you are focused, dedicated, disciplined, and go after it with a drive and desire to be the best. There also must be the element of enjoyment and fun that is associated with playing sports. Football means something different for everyone, for McNally he said it’s his chance to build the “toughest version” of himself while having as much fun as he can with his teammates.

With that in mind, he finished with this:

“Character is unmasked on the field and on the sidelines with the team, so my attitude and effort means everything to me as a player and as a person.”


Will McNally (#1)
Receiver, Quarterback
6’2, 170lbs

Teams: Football New Brunswick U18, Bernice MacNaughton Highlanders
Official visits: n/a
Unofficial visits: n/a
Considerations: open
Commitment: none
Class: 2018


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