“In my house, we live and breathe football” says QB Hunt

Nate Hunt, Fox 40 Prospect Challenge 2017 – West Coast

You could say it was in the stars that this young athlete was destined to play football. Quarterback, Nate Hunt, was born during Super Bowl 34 and it has been an inevitable part of his life ever since.

I was born during Super Bowl 34, somewhere around the beginning of the 4th quarter, Titans vs Rams,” he said. “My family always gathered around the TV to watch football, the same way some families gather around to watch a movie.”

Quite a way to start. At the age of 7, Hunt was already well on his way on being indoctrinated in the world of sport and football specifically. He mentions that football is “family” to him. His younger brother, Andrew, is also a teammate of his and the other quarterback on Nate’s team, the Holy Cross Crusaders in the British Columbia High School Football Association.

In my house, we live and breathe football,” he said. “I was born into this game.”

During his last season, Hunt broke his finger on his throwing hand. However, with just one start, he had 160 yards passing yards, 4 touchdowns, 83% completion percentage, and an Offensive Player of the Week mention.  Unfortunately, his season ended after that game. However, that didn’t stop him from playing in the Fox 40 Prospect Challenge West Coast where he was selected to play in the “Battle of the Best” team BCHS versus Team Central Ontario in Ottawa this past spring. 

Hunt can recall one of his most memorable game moments when he was put in during the third quarter of his first senior game at Holy Cross where he and his team orchestrated a game winning comeback.

“It was a big moment for my football career because whenever I am put in that same situation, I think back to that moment with confidence, and it usually works out for the team.”



For this young pivot, Hunt enjoys the challenge of the quarterback position. He believes that it is one of the most difficult positions on the field and also carries a lot of leadership responsibility.

I feed off the success of my teammates and the team counts on me. The pressure and expectation for excellence is what makes success as a Quarterback the best feeling,” he explained. “I have studied the game and strive to be a smart player. I am naturally very competitive, and this gives me an edge.”

It’s interesting, then, that he models his game after Brett Favre, former NFL quarterback. Because even though Hunt is extremely competitive, he also wants to have fun – as Favre did.

Brett Favre was the most fun player to watch in crunch time, if there was any time left on the clock he would find a way to throw a game winning touchdown. His ability to excel and still have fun while all the pressure is on is why I model my mental game on Brett Favre,” Hunt stated. 

Nate Hunt, GameReady ELITE 7on7

During the off-season, Hunt plays 7on7 in the U.S as well as spring flag football. He works with trainers from Game Ready and attends QB sessions. Every day he is throwing and doing some form of athletic movement work. In addition to the physical preparation, Hunt is also enrolled in summer courses to make sure that he can get the best possible cumulative GPA, as well as prepare for taking his SATs in October.

This can only mean one thing – getting to that next level. For Hunt, he says the recruiting process was slowed a bit by his injury last season. However, that isn’t deterring him from doing all that he can to get his name out there.

I’ve been sending recruiting profiles out, and reaching out to coaches directly. I have also been going to a lot of camps,” he explained. “In the next couple of weeks, I will be going to the Eastern Washington camp and the SFU camp on the NCAA side.  I am also going to UBC camp, and plan to get to University of Calgary for their camp.”

For Hunt, he hasn’t committed anywhere yet, but he does have a few schools that he is interested in; the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University are logical choices as they are local to Hunt, but he hasn’t limited himself to just those. He goes on to say that he has gotten to know many players and coaches from other U Sports programs and it has all been very positive. Being a freshman, Hunt expects to learn from the veterans and contribute in whatever way he can.

“To work hard, earn the trust of the players and coaches, and be a leader at whatever position I am at on the team,” he said. “With my coaches and my teammates, it is about being good people.”

Without the strong support of his family, friends, coaches and teammates, Hunt said he wouldn’t be where he is today.

The most influential people in my life/football are, like most players, my parents and then my coaches and mentors at Holy Cross, Coach Conrad Deugau, and Game Ready coaches: Will Loftus, Jordan Linnen, Ryan Lucas, Paris Jackson and Geroy Simon. They have taught me the importance of hard work and leadership,” he commented. “The Game Ready coaches are great.  Pro athletes giving back to help young players like me to realize my goals.”

Football is family for this quarterback. He was brought into the world during the pinnacle of football – the Super Bowl – and the rest has been history.


Nate Hunt (#4)
Quarterback, Receiver
6’3, 195lbs

Teams: Holy Cross Regional High School Crusaders, Game Ready Elite 7on7, Fox40 Battle of the Best – Team BCHSF, Fox40 Prospect Challenge – Team West, North Surrey Minor Football, White Rock/South Surrey Titans Minor Football
Commitment: none
Unofficial Visits: several
Official Visits: none
Considerations: open
Class: 2018

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