Indiana sign CFC100 Kervens Bonhomme

CFC100 Kervens Bonhomme out of Clearwater Academy without a doubt was the hottest prospect on the trail since we dropped the first list racking up 17 DI offers, then the Indiana Hoosier came out of nowhere and stole the show back in June. We saw plenty of offers get stored on the back burner, but the Hoosiers staff must’ve had a really good pitch because it only took him 13 days to commit from the day he received his offer.


Bonhomme originally played for St. Matthew in Ottawa where he won an OFSAA title, then spent a season with Canada Prep, but wherever he’s been CFC Lead Analyst Clint Uttley always had him on the radar,

“Bonhomme has impressive measurables and can run. He fits into that ‘run and hit’ category. He has the ability to make plays from sideline to sideline and can also flip his hips and get into coverage. Overall, Bonhomme is probably the best linebacker prospect in this class when you look at the total package of height, weight, run, hit, and general athleticism.”

The Hoosiers had to compete with a rival Big Ten offer from Nebraska, but the prospects of building a football program in basketball territory must’ve been too appealing to pass up. They’ve only had one winning since 1995 and are 0-3 in bowl games in that time frame, but that could change quickly if they continue to bring in quality Canadians like Bonhomme. He’s only the second Canadian to commit to Indiana since 2010, with the other being Aneal Chahal, who now plays at Walsh University.

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