LB Girouard: “It’s hard to explain what football means to you when it’s a part of you”

Physicality is a major aspect of football, and coincidentally, it happens to be a reason why Phil Girouard enjoys playing linebacker.

“I have always enjoyed contact sports, and never really cared about the toll it would have on myself,” he said. “And I believe that gives me ‘an edge’ as a football player.”

He has been battling gladiators on the football field for five years, playing for the Huron Heights Warriors and York Simcoe Bucs.

Girouard has accumulated some awards and received some all-star nods throughout the years. In 2013, he was the leading tackler on his team, Defensive Player of the Year (2015), Rookie of the Year (2014) and a three-time YRAA All-Star. The most memorable moment of his football career being winning the OFSAA Simcoe Bowl in 2015.

Rather than modelling his game after another player, he has a unique style of play. “I personally don’t like to compare myself to other players, I have my own play style, built around everything I have learned over the years,” Girouard said.

As for the recruitment process, it was bittersweet for Girouard. “The recruitment process has been fun but also difficult,” he said. “Most of my friends knew what they wanted to do, so it made it easy for them. But since I’m not sure, making any decisions is more difficult.”

“My top 3 choices are York, Waterloo or Guelph,” Girouard said. “York, because it’s the best for me academically, it’s close by and has lots of opportunity for me football-wise. And Waterloo and Guelph, because they are great schools and where most of my friends are going, so playing football with people I know could be more enjoyable.” He has since committed to York University for the 2017 season.

A major reason why Girouard has become such a successful football player is because of the guidance he’s received from his parents and teammates.

“The most influential people in my life would be my parents,” he said. “They have supported me not matter what. But in football, it would be my teammates, especially the fifth years that have been playing football with me all these high school years. Without them, I may have never even played football, or stuck with it.”

Football, and sports, in general, have always been a significant part of Girouard’s life. “Being an athlete my entire life, sports and football are a huge part of who I am,” Girouard said. “It’s hard to explain what football means to you when it’s a part of you.” He wants to put his best foot forward when he reaches the university ranks. He believes that he will adjust well when he makes the jump to the next level.

“Playing at Huron definitely prepared me for the next level, we trained a lot and worked very hard all year round,” he said. “So I think it will be easier to adjust than for others. I plan to continue to go to the gym and even train with Huron like always because I know it works.”

Phil Girouard
6’0, 220 lbs

Teams: Huron Heights Warriors, York Simcoe Bucs
Commitment: None
Official Visits: York
Considerations: York, Waterloo, Guelph, Queens, Western, Open
Class: 2016

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