LB Hayward: Tenacity and grit

Tenacity and grit are necessary qualities to possess as a football player. The game constantly puts participants under duress and tests their will both on the field and sometimes off of it. Tenacity and grit are essential. Tanner Hayward understands the significance of having tenacity and grit. Heading into his grade 11 season, the 6-foot, 213-pound linebacker broke his arm in the team’s second preseason game, causing him to be sidelined for the remainder of the season.

“Football has taught me a lot. The one thing that sticks with me is you must have tenacity and grit. Injuries will happen, bad games will happen, but as long as you continue to chip away at it, you’ll get anything done.”

The injury to Hayward’s arm may have sidelined him for the season, however, it did not keep him away from the game. Hayward took the opportunity to learn the game from a different perspective, and become a more cerebral player.

“I model my game after Derrick Johnson, linebacker of the Kansas City Chiefs since he is a very methodical player. Last year I spent countless hours watching film even though I wasn’t able to play. I got to learn football in a different way.”


Tanner Hayward is a two-sport athlete at Belmont Secondary in Victoria, BC. He plays both football as well as rugby, preferring the physicality of the two sports. As far as football is concerned, Hayward has been a member of the Victoria Spartans, the Westshore Warriors, and the Belmont Bulldogs.

Although Hayward excels at both football and rugby, he has a passion for football that goes beyond everything else.

“Football means the world to me. It’s unfortunate high school went by so fast, but I believe I’m ready for the next challenge.”

Despite missing his grade 11 season, Hayward has drawn some interest from Bishop’s University, the University of British Columbia, and the University of Regina football program. Nonetheless, he is keeping his options open as he will begin his recruiting visits next semester.

“I feel as though I’m ready for the next level. I’ve been speaking with other Belmont Alumni’s and they have done a wonderful job of preparing me for the next level. I understand that waking up early for 6am workouts followed by classes, then having more football after that will be a big change but I truly believe I’m ready for the challenge.”

“Head coach Alexi, my father, and the Belmont Alumni’s have been very beneficial to me as they have helped motivate me and prepare me for the next level.”

During the offseason, Hayward plans to train with the Westshore Rebels. With the team’s new training facility only ten minutes from his home, it will make for a good transition should he chose to forgo the CIS and play a few years at junior.

Tanner Hayward
LB, Guard
6’0. 213

Teams: Victoria Spartans, Westshore Warriors, Belmont Bulldogs
Official Visits: None
Commitment: None
Consideration: Bishop’s University, University of British Columbia, University of Regina, open
Class: 2017


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