Lineman Spicer knows what it takes to be a champion

Coming off his second straight championship season with the #CFC50 No. 32 Citadel Phoenix, Kirklen Spicer is a player who knows what it takes to be consistent on the field. Using his massive 6-foot-3 305-pound frame to win one-on-one battles at the line of scrimmage, Spicer has lined up at offensive tackle, guard and defensive tackle for the Phoenix since joining the team in 2015. Both starting running backs for the Phoenix were selected as league MVPs this season, and their tremendous success is a testament to the players like Spicer battling it out in the trenches.

Spicer began playing football at a very young age as a member of the Halifax Argos. The talented lineman quickly came to love the sport, finding himself attracted to all the positive aspects the game has to offer.

“I started playing football in grade three because everyone always told me I should play it,” recalled Spicer. “Once I started I fell in love with the game, the competitiveness, and the bonds with your brothers that will never be broken. It’s a great place to exert your anger and aggression.”

Citadel’s standout offensive lineman unleashes that aggression on whoever lines up across from him, and Spicer says that one of the main reasons he loves playing on the line is precisely because of this physicality that comes along with the position.

“I enjoy being a lineman because it’s the most physically demanding position,” Spicer said. “and it’s not for the weak hearted.”


Spicer was chosen as a member of Team Nova Scotia’s under-17 team in 2015, and the talented lineman went on to receive his team’s offensive rookie of the year honours after his first season with Citadel. Spicer earned himself another selection to Team Nova Scotia’s U18 team at this past summer’s 2016 Canada Cup, but unfortunately due to illness, he was unable to participate.

“I caught pneumonia last summer so I couldn’t play in the Canada cup or play for Team Canada,” Spicer said.

Reflecting on this season’s championship run with the Phoenix, Spicer says that he is happy with how he contributed to the overall effort. The lineman was a key cog in Citadel’s dynamic rushing attack, and although Spicer was forced to miss a few games this year, his presence was felt every single time he suited up.

“I believe I played pretty good,” Spicer said. “I just wish I hadn’t missed three games due to injury.”

Like many who fall in love with the game of football, winning it all this season was about much more than just another banner for Spicer. It was about accomplishing something together as a team, and achieving goals with your football family.

“The best moment of the season was winning the championship and just spending time in the nest (our locker room) with my teammates,” Spicer said.

Along with his experience playing the game, Spicer’s commitment to his physical training and conditioning have made him a dominant force for the Phoenix. Constantly driving opposing players backwards, there is no question that Spicer lives at the gym.

“I do weight lifting five days a week for about an hour,” Spicer said. “then I spend 30-45 minutes on conditioning and technique.”


Carrying big ambitions for his football future, the plan for Spicer is not only to continue playing after graduating from Citadel, but to do so at the highest level possible while pursuing his degree. With another year of football with the Phoenix still to come, Spicer has already started to attract interest and experience the recruitment process.

“My goals football wise is to play division 1 football NCAA or CIS, and to study criminal psychology,” offered Spicer. “The recruitment process has been very fun. It’s a great feeling when someone you’ve never met contacts you and wants you to come play football for them.”

Spicer knows that playing at the university level will be a major step-up in challenge, but he is confident about his football future and is focusing this off-season on developing his playing technique to match his strength and power.

“I think I’ll be able to adjust pretty well to the next level,” Spicer said. “I would definitely have to get use to the physicality and strength of such older guys.”

“In the off-season I would definitely like to improve my hand placement and foot movement,” Spicer added.

A true giant on the field, Spicer is also the type of player who takes away valuable lessons from the game he loves so much, as it has taught him some of the most important skills for succeeding in life.

“I apply team work and patience to my everyday life,” Spicer said.

Whatever the future holds for Spicer, he knows that on top of his passion for the game and his dedication to improving his strength and technique, there are three pillars of support that motivate him keep him moving forward on his football journey.

“My mother, and my teammates and coaches have the biggest impact on my life, on and off the field,” Spicer said.

Kirklen Spicer
6’3”, 305 lbs

Teams: Citadel Phoenix (NSSAFFL), Halifax Argos (NSFL)
Commitment: None
Official Visits: None
Considerations: Open
Class: 2018


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