Longhorn future (VIDEO)

Longhorns standout open to all considerations.

Corpus Christi linebacker Myles Manalo has one major training goal he’d like to achieve during the offseason.

Myles Manalo

Linebacker, Fullback

6’2, 245lbs

Corpus Christi Longhorns (high school: HSSAA)
Burlington Stampeders (OFC)


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Among the teams Myles has played for include the Burlington Stampeders of the Ontario Football Conference (OFC) and the Corpus Christi Longhorns of the Halton Secondary School Athletic Association (HSSAA).

Throughout his career, he has earned multiple MVP honours.

The Longhorns standout is is currently working out four times a week at DNA Fitness with head trainer Travis Kanellos. His overall goal is to cut down his 40 time within the 4.9 range.

Myles has depended on the support of his family, especially his older brother, Joshua.

“He keeps telling me what I need to work on when I come off the field and on the sidelines,” adds Myles of his brother, who has never missed one of his games.  Myles also depends on his parents for just putting in the time and money it takes to make Myles better, whether it’s driving him to practices or games or even paying for his training.

Manalo, who’s favourite part of his career is playing with all his buddies on last year’s Stampeders team is currently working out 4 times a week at DNA fitness with head trainer Travis kanellos. Myles is especially trying to cut down his 40 time, trying to get it down into the 4.9 range.

Currently. Myles is keeping his post-secondary options open.  His ultimate gridiron dream would be to play south of the border.  As for career aspirations, he would like to become a police officer or an occupation that will keep him in shape.

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