Matt Jeffers is hoping to get back on the gridiron

Encouraged by his cousin to try his hands at a new sport, Matt Jeffers began playing football in the fourth grade. Upon stepping onto the gridiron, Jeffers quickly developed a deep affection for the game, making the season-ending injury that halted his final season that much more difficult to endure.

“My current season was ended shortly due to an ACL tear injury that I had received in an exhibition game, said Jeffers.”

The devastating knee injury has not dampened Jeffers’ spirit. His drive to rehab his knee and get back to form is strengthened by his love of the game. Inspired by such players as Edmonton Eskimos’ superstar Adarius Bowman and NFL star Justin Gilbert, Jeffers is highly motivated to get back to the game he enjoys.

“Football to me means a privilege to apply force on anyone and being able to play free. It has been a big influence in my life ever since I started playing. I try to model my game after Adarius Bowman on offensive. He is a dominant force in the CFL with his speed and his power and strength he puts in to catch a ball. On defense, I try to model my game after Justin Gilbert as he was a dominant force pushing receivers into the ground and playing in the no fly zone.”


Over a nine-year period, Jeffers has suited up for: St. Albert Buccaneers, St. Albert Fury, St. Albert Raiders, St. Albert Storm, and now he is a member of Bellerose Bulldogs (MEHSAA). Throughout his playing time, Jeffers has been the recipient of numerous accolades, including an MVP honor.

Jeffers’ love for the game has remained intact throughout his injury ordeal. The physicality, the camaraderie, and all the challenges that football presents seems to be what Jeffers enjoys the most about the game.

“What I like about being a receiver is being able to catch touchdowns, being able to connect with the quarterback on a different level than other positions. Defensive back is always fun to hit opposing teams and it’s also really fun to get interceptions. I love the fact that it’s so physical and shows adversity in every win or loss you get.”

As far as the most influential people in his life, Jeffers referred to his parents, teammates and coach as having the biggest impact on his life and football journey.

“The most influential people in my life are my mom and dad. They support me through every up and down that I have been through. My coach and teammates make me strive to be the greatest player I can be on the football field and off of it.”

Although the recruitment process has not gone the way Jeffers would have preferred, still, he has every intention to prolong his playing time. His future goals may be to join the police academy at some point; however, until then he intends to follow his passion for football as far as his body will enable him to.

“This offseason I am going to rehab my knee until fully recovered and then I am going to work on speed and strength. I’m thinking of joint CJFL once I have recovered completely.”

“I’ve always been able to be dominant force on the field no matter what level it is, I feel as if my toughness and determination will help me fit in with the next level play.”

Matt Jeffers
5’7, 140 lbs

Teams: St. Albert Buccaneers, St. Albert Fury, St. Albert Raiders, St. Albert Storm, Bellerose Bulldogs
Commitment: None
Official Visits: None
Consideration: Open
Class: 2017


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